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Guild Wars 2

samurai nightling

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Yeah I never really ran out of stuff to do. There was farming, doing runs to make cash, helping out my guild members. If you get in a big guild, there's always someone that needs help with something somewhere. And then I wanted one of every character. So i played it many times making new characters to be ready for any situation where I may need to be a certain class.

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Silly question, but did ArenaNet provide enough end-game content for PvE? I'm just afraid that if they don't, then I'm stuck with having to PvP during end-game just to keep the game interesting


1) They did and 2) What's wrong with playing PvP after you get bored of PvE? You guys both play CSS, it's the same exact thing.

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Purple aliens invaded Guild Wars 2 as part of the beta finale event:






As humans, you had to kill these aliens. If you're killed by an alien (as I was), you turn into an alien yourself:




And once an alien, you kill humans instead and convert more to aliens :)




Needless to say, the aliens won that night :P

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