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Guild Wars 2

samurai nightling

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He'll probably have agroed a lot of monsters. Please save him.




Essentially, you're just questing as usual and a message will pop up saying there's an event in the area. It will show up on your map. It somehow measures your participation in it and awards you a gold, silver, or bronze medal for it. Bad thing is, it repeats.... often. At least that's my take on it.


As for as your personal story quest line, it uses instancing to keep you separate from gen pop while doing your own quest chain.


Thanks for the summary.


Looking forward to seeing you in game Monk :)




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Does anyone else have a problem with the way they implemented skills in this game?


My feel is that they took a great system for customizability from GW1 and totally ripped it apart and killed it. The skills you get are based on the weapon type you use, each class can use multiple weapon types so you feel like whats the point of being this class if i can use these weapons too.


Then the skills you have I don't feel compliment each other very well. You cant chain things together very well.


And then they took having hundreds of skills to pick and choose from and they've reduced it down to like 20 or so that you actually can pick from, most of them being similar or useless.


What happened to diversity!! Everyone's using mostly the same skills as everyone else. I just feel they coulda done a better job on skills.


And then they got rid of interrupting! Because it relies heavily on a good ping......baloney. Bad reason to get rid of it. They might as well of gotten rid of Mesmers altogether then, as that was their only real good use in GW1. Now they're just pretty attackers.


Other than the skills, everything about this game is fun :)

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Haha, yea, Blackgate dominated the past 2 matchups, but I think we have finally found worthy opponents.


And the fact that we trade castles and keeps so often just means more XP, karma and gold :)

Well thats one way of looking at it haha.

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both very formidable opponents :D i'm surprised the matchmaking system paired us with henge again


currently busy farming events for gold. saving up for those legendaries when they come on the trading post :)


though i think it might be cheaper for me to level up my huntsman and buy the mats and craft my own legendaries. some of the markup on items is just ridiculous. still need gold, as Biggs mentioned the mats for legendaries are very expensive

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