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So I was doing it wrong all this while. Some gear and weapons' icon look very generic when in fact their actual skins are pretty darn cool. E.g. there's a scepter called Immobulus whose icon is:




yet whose skin is:




Other noteworthy weapons:


Foefire's Essence of Life (I am sooo getting this :) )




Foefire's Power of Peril




Reaver of the Mists




The Anomaly of Nullification




The Abyssal Scepter




Eye of Rogdort




Zhaitan's Reach



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Not sure :(


Sim, those energy crystals 40px-Energy_Crystal.png are apparently part of an event. So after the event, they're useless. (source)




edit: on second thought, those crystals are quite important:


You just found the door key to Oola's lab. I assume you've done the skill point challenge for the outer door? (the one that asks you about the rules of Oola's lab)

There's an NPC and a small interactable structure inside that first door, use the crystal on that structure and you'll be able to enter the actual lab with that group of NPCs, it's a fun event, but bring some friends, the enemies inside are quite tough.

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