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Guild Wars 2

samurai nightling

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Some great stuff from the latest patch:


1. Interact “F” should use the following priority:

1) Your current selection

2) Loot

3) Revive/Stomp

4) Anything else


2. Pets can no longer be revived using the “F” prompt. No more accidental reviving of pets!

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i have a elementalist. what would be a good crafting skill choice besides tailoring?

If you want to make weapons for yourself go with the crafting for your primary weapon. Cooking is a crafting skill that can make good items any class can use, food for buffs. Jewelery is another skill any class can use items from.


On my Necromancer I have jewelery and articifering.

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Current WvW Server Rankings!


North American World Rankings

2188.612 Henge of Denravi

2002.226 Jade Quarry

1964.446 Stormbluff Isle

1875.004 Eredon Terrace

1699.045 Sea of Sorrows

1695.069 Blackgate

1679.689 Gate of Madness

1670.891 Isle of Janthir

1636.534 Dragonbrand

1584.418 Crystal Desert

1579.227 Maguuma

1563.392 Fort Aspenwood

1506.938 Tarnished Coast

1481.493 Sanctum of Rall

1435.816 Yak’s Bend

1420.95 Sorrow’s Furnace

1419.258 Anvil Rock

1405.639 Ehmry Bay

1332.269 Darkhaven

1120.529 Northern Shiverpeaks

1115.636 Ferguson’s Crossing

1040.031 Borlis Pass

861.837 Devona’s Rest

669.879 Kaineng



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