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Guild Wars 2

samurai nightling

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Sigh..... Should I give this game consideration? I haven't touched WoW in years and would like to do an MMO but not sure which one. I hate the changes to WoW and I hate the grinding.

As a fellow rehabilitated WoW junkie, I suggest the game. The lack of monthly fee doesn't give you the feeling you HAVE to play else you waste money. So far, it has all the things I liked about WoW and fixed those things I hated about WoW.

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There's absolutely nothing grindy about this game. If you wanted to crash through everything, you could get to max level (80) in a few weeks. But there's no real rush.


Here are some of the highlights that really makes this a game of its own, not a WoW-clone:


1. Goodbye, leveling curve! None of that "Levels 1-10 take an hour, max level takes 6 hours" junk. Each level takes the same amount of time, about an hour (for casual play).

2. Hello, variety for experience. You can probably get 20 levels out of just crafting, and another 20 levels from gathering *alone*. Never attacking a single mob. Or level in PvP (you can get gear through people/mob drops, events, etc). Or explore every area and get worthwhile experience (and big rewards for 100% completion in zones). And if questing is your thing, there's plenty of that to go around too.

3. Quests aren't boring. There are no quest givers, only quest rewards. If you go into an area, you automatically can do that quest. And it's not "gather 30 troll tusks" and farm an area, it's "cripple the centaur defenses" with a progress bar shared by everyone in the area.

4. Finding a group doesn't suck. In fact, it's unnecessary. Local events happen, and you're in the fray. Maybe undead creatures are overwhelming a camp, and you have to stop them. And if you walk away from it, the undead WILL take over that camp. No more merchants there, quest rewards, etc until you take it back.

5. Traveling doesn't suck either. You can teleport to waypoints, so "mounts" are a thing of the past. There are speed boosts though (active and passive).

6. No monthly fee!

7. It's a skill-based game, not gear-based. So you can compete with the unemployed single super-nerds without having to worry about gear discrepancies.

8. No more "trinity". You don't need a healer/tank/dps combo, because there's no such thing as active tanking (no taunts). You can be a healing elementalist or DPS guardian, and switch whenever you'd like.

9. You can PvP right away. Same goes for World vs World vs World (where your server attacks/defends against other servers).


So when you buy the game, create your character on the Blackgate server. There are usually 5-15 GC folks playing at any given night. See ya there!

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