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Guild Wars 2

samurai nightling

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i am in like 5 vent's trying to get all these clans to pick one server so this is what they came up with

these clans are hard core pvp playes all the way back from UO days. ShadowBane, Darkfall Online, and other mmo pvp game.


I have been playing with these group of guys for serveral years and they are very good pvp players some of the best.

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Woah, I'm glad that beta weekend is over otherwise I would never have started on studying for my mid-terms. Sorry I never really got to play with you guys, i was mostly just solo'ing PvE because 1) I felt as if I had no idea what I was doing and wanted to learn from the beginning first and 2) My gaming "rig" right now is an old laptop as my desktop has sadly bit the dust. So until I build myself another gaming computer the sheer drop in framerate that I experienced in the big WvW areas is enough to push away for now, and I was unable to get in contact with most of my GW1 friends so 5v5 structured never happened. I have to say though I'm extremely impressed by the PvE, as in I have never played anything as good as what A.net has made for this game. Soling was actually fun, as there was always something going on (no real quests, just dynamic events and rewards for killing creatures). I'm still a little skeptical about PvP, as I was a huge fan of GvG from GW1 which they've basically scrapped, and while I have no problem with a 5v5 capture point style game, I really hope they add something else or that's going to get really boring fast and WvW may be fun, but it is lacking any form of structure from what I saw.


Tl;dr Beta weekend is awesome, and GW2 is really fun, though A.net needs to listen more to their PvP community.

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Agree with the PvE :) Had fun with WvW too. Very epic fights. Still getting used to PvP in general (all I do right now is button mash... I think there should more skill involved :P).


Pitting 3 instead of 2 servers together was pure genius on ArenaNet's part.

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I got a beta key and played last weekend. It was super hard to get on the same channel with your friends. We didn't see a way to manually change it besides logging out and back in until we saw eachother. I hope that will not be a issue for launch cause that sucks for you guys :P And they really need a way to log out to the character page and not out back into the login screen.


- I do like how anyone can revive you.

- PVP was hilarous good times.

- The fighting mechanics I'm not to sure about... maybe I played too much aion and used to how it makes you run into melee range... instead of slashing air.

- I wish the dialog was more unique! Everyone says the same darn thing in the cutscenes/storyline! I wish your characters current personality changed the dialog even if it was a slight difference. (Maybe they made it to be one dialog to save for the release? Let me know.)


I did not pre-order or plan to buy this game. MMOs easily consume me and I don't think I want to get back into one. Though I'm in the beta for Raiderz. GW2 was to play during the weekend.

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Ebil are you talking about servers? Cause I'm not sure what you mean by channels, as opposed to GW1 GW2 is not instanced in the same way so if you're on the same server there should be no trouble finding your friends. Also while it's obviously changed and added a regular MMO level cap of 80, unlike GW1, I don't see this as another MMO that will suck you in. Yes, like any video game you can spend a lot of time in it, but it's built to allow you to have to spend less time on it than you would otheriwse, also as there is no monthly fee I see no harm in buying it and playing whenever you have free time.

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