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Tera MMO Closed Beta


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wahhh I really wish I could play this, but haven't been playin mmo much, lotta people I played Aion with, says the graphic is amazing, way better gameplay, and leveling wise is faster...oh yeah, graphics are amaaazing :3


but anywho, who plays LOL?! haha only game I play nowadays ( i should really reinstall source -_- )

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Pre-ordered & playing NA-CBT. It's quite fun. It's actually spoiled me; won't be able to return to any other mmo for a while.


Here's some interesting Tera videos:

K-Tera Lv.58 Warrior BAM Solo



J-Tera Lv.50 Archer Dueling PvP



J-Tera Lv.58 Mystic Battleground PvP




Notes: Archers' damage is penalized for being farther from their target. Mystic in video 3 only one-shots the same person twice due to that person being naked.


*Waiting for next CBT*

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This looks pretty freaking fantastic. WOW killer?

Generic looking Korean MMORPG? I would be shocked if this got a 1/0th of the sales of World of Warcraft.


NCsoft is also trying to keep the game from being published in the US.


I don't believe Tera will "kill" WoW. However, I believe WoW's been slowly losing subs. Their revised Scroll of Resurrection has also been a source of criticism. It's more a combination of Guild Wars 2, Tera, Diablo III, and time that will probably kill WoW.



Divide by zero error? XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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