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  1. Thanks Wolfsblood. I've got my car packed and I'm headed out in the morning. Very nervous but also really excited. Thanks again to everyone who has pitched in so far, advice or money, either is really generous. All the kind words make me realize I'm not alone. I've put myself in a bubble for too long and I'm ready to break free. Thanks again and I'll keep you all updated on my travels.
  2. I've decided to leave. Definitely taking a lot of your advice Shaft so I appreciate everything. I've also signed up on couchsurfing even though most share a couch for travelers I'm hoping I can convince some to let me stay for a week and maybe move onto another. I definitely don't want to lie to them and want them to know I'm searching for a better life with the mountains. Going to get set up with a PO box right away and then sign up at temp agencies. Maybe sign up at a gym if I can't get a couch at times. Check out what you said about food stamps and welfare. The only thing that scares me is my car breaking down during the 14 hour trip, definitely need an oil change before but my car has been wonderful so far during past road trips. Any money I receive now will help immensely, the people who have donated so far they were huge amounts but it doesn't need to be. $5 will help put gas in my car or food in my tummy. Any little bit will help. And any little bit will be so much appreciated. It's definitely great knowing I'm part of a wonderful community who have come together as a family who care. Someday I'll be back to play games with you guys when I'm back to living a better life but I'll definitely be spending more time hiking the mountains once I've set myself up better. I'll probably be leaving next week Tuesday. Thank you all for everything and please take care because your life matters.
  3. Had 4 weeks from the 12th of March but now I only have one more week. Feeling pretty down. Don't have anywhere to go and the money I have gotten isn't enough for a month rental. I even sold and put up for sale all of my things. But I am so thankful for everything so far. Don't think there's enough time to rent anything even if I was able to get the money. I may be living out of my car or in a homeless shelter for a little while. Which is crazy to me because I had done so well for myself before all this. What I have received will go towards my car and insurance this coming month so I appreciate that so much. All the support has made me feel less alone even though my real life feels extremely alone right now. Thank you everyone. I'm just debating whether or not to go at least drive to mountains and live out of my car there or stay here where there's so much baggage and heartbreak. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for the awesome advice. I have been looking into it a little more and I think I'm heading somewhere in Colorado. It's the only place that really has the cheapest places to stay on airbnb which are actually cheaper than any of the hostels I looked into for at least a month. I'm thinking Loveland or around that area, seems to be about the best places for jobs. California would be expensive haha but would love to travel there someday in the far future. I've never been that far West. Everyone has been super generous so far and I appreciate all the support. Just a bit more and I can actually book one of these places. As long as they are still available. Thanks again everyone for everything. I'll definitely be paying it forward once I'm happy, healthy and in a better financial situation.
  5. Some of you know me and a lot of you don't but I've been around for quite awhile. Recently I've been going through some emotional stuff and this is really embarrassing for me to put out there. I shut myself out of the world for a little while and went to a very sad place. Any help I can receive would be so much appreciated. I have a little over 3 more weeks left where I'm staying and it took a few days for me to even build up the courage to post this on here. Most of you know me as a happy person and it's hard for me to be known as anything else to the wonderful group of people that you are. You are really the only friends I have and I have nowhere else to turn. I believe this could change my life if I can get enough raised. There are so many others out there with so much worse going on so don't make this your first choice. This is hard for me because I've never really asked for money and if I ever did I always paid it back. Plus the depressed side of me tells me I don't deserve this but I want to get better. If I'm able to raise enough to get out that way I will definitely keep you updated. The mountains have called to me for a very long time and my mind and body need this more than anything right now. Thank you for taking the time to even read this and here's the link if you want to know more: http://www.gofundme.com/please-help-me-make-a-better-life?pc=expt_em_co_shareflow_m_89_2&rcid=d5cbfd1c008342dc8223ff9cdaf425e3 Thanks again!
  6. Not this year unfortunately Girlzilla. Had planned to go but too many things came up this year. Have fun though!
  7. You're about to get another WalkingCat. I completely agree with Barashin. I played in the beta and have been playing the game since launch. I'm not much of a mech game type person, but it feels very natural getting in and out of Titans. And it is no COD, that is a very silly comparison. You definitely have to enjoy a multiplayer game because there is no singleplayer campaign(like CS). I'm having so much fun with how different the environment is and how fast paced the action is. Like Bara it definitely takes some getting used to since the verticality changes the game immensely. The Titans are so fun to control and can change the tide of a battle if you have a team who knows how to use them well. I love when an opposing team member hops on my Titan trying to take it down, I get out, kill them and then hop back into my Titan. It's so fluid. I'm having a blast with this game and I'm surprised not many GC people are playing this. Give me your Origin name Barashin I'll add you
  8. Of course I am and bringing two with me!
  9. My boyfriend, our friend and I all plan on coming this year just need the date. They both had a lot of fun last year and they aren't even members of GC. More tabletop games for me this year specifically that one that Jackie wanted to play last year Also we liked BWH as long as that A/C works which it sounds like it will.
  10. Just played 24 hours of this game since Friday night. So addicted. Found a decent server with admins on all the time so no problems with hackers. Also Jackie and Biggs both met up with me last night and we have a pretty decent start of a place. Great game, rough around some spots, but it's in alpha and I can't imagine how much better it will be some day.
  11. Yeah Jack asked me about Day Z. I told him not to buy it yet if he had never played, but he enjoyed what he heard about. So he bought it and plays a lot more than I do right now. I've seen Rust in action, doesn't really interest me at the moment, but maybe in the future. Rust just seems sad to me lol. You build a home for hours, maybe with some friends. You leave, come back and hackers or just anybody ruined your hours of fun. And people seem even more ruthless in Rust hehe. I've met some friendly people in Day Z with lots of stories to tell from being with them.
  12. The game is still in Alpha and I would not recommend anyone really buying this until a lot of bugs have been worked out. It still is pretty much up to par with how the mod worked with some new additions. This game isn't for everyone though and definitely not a kid friendly game. I would be up for helping to admin if this happened someday, but not sure if it's quite ready yet. I enjoy Day Z a whole lot more with friends and my friends aren't always playing this, so it would be awesome to have GC people to always play with. Servers are still having issues though with hackers even though it is better than when it wasn't standalone.
  13. I just installed the H100i into my just recently upgraded rig. Depending on what case you have it is super easy to install. I kept my Coolermaster Haf X case which is a monster so I had plenty of room to install the dual radiators at the top but I have seen it done differently in smaller cases. You don't deal with any water or anything and it does come pre-applied with thermal paste so no worries about that little bit either. The H100i keeps my upgraded rig super cool(temp wise). Just for reference I upgraded my motherboard, memory, cpu, graphics card, and CPU cooler(H100i). I had parts that were about 3 years old and needed a full upgrade. Pretty much just kept my case and drives. Hope your build goes well and definitely a great choice on the CPU cooler as long as you don't have a super small case. Also went to Tom's Hardware for lots of different advice for parts. You can also find lots of different guides through the forums and probably more recent ones.
  14. I played a couple hours of the first game and the second one blows it away. Overkill did a great job and I'm having a lot of fun with Payday 2 so far. I'd be up for joining a GC group for more friends to play with since playing with randoms kind of sucks.
  15. Yup! We all got one to go with our shirts at FF. They look really nice, going to buy a few more when they go up in the store.
  16. DragonFire


    Ca$h 'n Gun$ was the name of the game. I wish we would have played more of this one, the foam guns make this game so intense hehe.
  17. DragonFire


    I miss air hockey!
  18. Thanks to Flitter for getting this whole thing going again and to the people who get this thing all set up. I had a lot of fun and it was great seeing everyone again. My b/f and his friend Tyler also had a lot of fun even though they aren't a part of GC. And my b/f even said he wants to kind of check things out more on the GC forums and maybe even play CS more. They both said if FF happens again next year they both want to go back and we have one other person we already want to invite. Hopefully everyone made it home safely.
  19. I'll be working Friday night, leaving at around 11:30pm est so I won't be able to make that one, but if you do it again on Saturday I'll play
  20. I'm with ZeroDamage on this. I beat the game Friday morning 6:30 am after pretty much marathoning it taking breaks for a bit and a little nap. I picked it up Thursday night at midnight. This game was amazing, it blew me away. Naughty Dog knows how to make a beautiful story driven game that keeps you wanting more. The music was fantastic and it was definitely survival horror action-adventure at its best. If you want an amazing emotional experience you should pick up this game. I put about 16 hours into the game after exploring every nook and cranny that i could find.
  21. This weekend I'll be playing Last of Us, but if you guys do it any weekend after and I'm around, l'd join up. Looks like it could be a lot of fun.
  22. I'll be playing Minecraft again, just been busy with other things in life right now. Sucks to hear no one was there for the grand opening though. I'll have to check it out some time. I would have signed up but knew I was going to be busy yesterday around the time you had set otherwise I would have been there to check it out. Have fun and take care!
  23. It could possibly be a nether portal being built elsewhere from within the nether, I know the nether extends that same way and would take you that far.
  24. If you did this, my house would burn down and I would cry. On another note I enjoy the claims system very much. Though I understand some of the problems you are expressing, I still think it's amazing. We wouldn't have new people joining with us who may just want a nice server to play on like creeper and skele. Plus my house would burn down lol.
  25. I would so be up for this. Sounds really fun. Set up a time and lets see how many people can do it!
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