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Guild Wars 2 Roll Call


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Okay, who amongst us GCers are going to tear it up in GW2?


From my skimming around the topics, I know Lousiest, Shaftiel, and myself are playing, but how about everyone else?


We also need to decide on what world we're all going to play in and tear it up on.

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Blackgate has decent amount of guilds (46) (http://www.gw2guilds.org/guilds/us/blackgate). Equal number of casual and hardcore players, but unlike Crystal Desert which had more PvE players than WvW, Blackgate has an equal amount of players in PvE and WvW. Blackgate's population seems to be smaller than Crystal's (http://www.asuralabs.com/serverPoll.php)


Both would make good choices since we know people (Locust and Tony) in other guilds right off the bat.

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