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How did you come up with your gaming name?


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Thought it would be fun to read how people have come up with their gaming name!


Here's mine.  For starters, Dixie is not my real name. :)  I watched a program a long time ago about a woman down south who lost everything from a tornado that ripped through her town.  Her name was Dixie and when I started gaming, I used her name as a sort of tribute to her.


Fortunately, her family survived the tornado but everything else was lost.  Insurance money could not bring back the photos, the memories, or the things she worked so hard to get.  But she wasn't going to let that stop her.  She was determined to re-build everything that money couldn't replace -- no matter how hard she had to work for it.


I found her to be very inspiring; and have pretty much lived my life by adopting her attitude.  It's not easy, but I am much happier person doing my best to focus on what I can do to help myself or others during rough times.  Bad things happen.  I grieve.  I learn.  And then I do everything possible to make amends and/or find peace with what happened.


What is everyone else's story? *popcorn*




Ninja edit: previous thread on the same topic for nostalgia (and catching liars)

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One time, my college quad-mates and I played tf2 together named as four 'Red Squadron' pilots.  I liked the name... none of them ended up continuing to use those aliases.  Prior to that point, I was 'the Ninja'.  Kind of wanted to change it up from that.

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During basic training when we would have rest periods I would often read my little Gideon Pocket New Testament. One day the drill instructor forgot my name and called me Private Preacher. After that the whole platoon called me Preacher or Preach and the DI never called me anything else.

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You OGs should feel bad about your bad forum searching skills. They're bad. 



[Mmmm]stuttering.john .gc -> sj -> stutters


I worked at a radio station in and after high school around 1998-2000. We aired the Howard Stern show. Stuttering John was one of the early dudes. 


I took some time off from computers between 2000 and 2005. Built a rig in '05 that wasn't really stable, but had a friend (strangefamous) that kept talking about this rad community he'd been playing counter strike with. I took my crappy build and started to hang out around here. I needed a name, but I was too distracted by my crappy computer that stuttered and hung until it crashed. Stuttering John seemed appropriate. 

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I used to keep a tank of seven piranhas as pets.  I named the first and largest one after Vlad the Impaler for lack of a better name.  I just wanted something generically bloodthirsty and fearsome, but couldn't think of anything clever.  The thing I think is funny is that it was just sort of a placeholder until I came up with something better.  Not only did this unoriginal name stick, it settled in so well that I adopted it myself in 2001.

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As a teenager I was fascinated by the hierarchy of Angles and Demons, as well as the many varients of the story of the fall and war in heaven. in a few lexicons and texts there were listings of Angels and Demons, as well as their supposed rank and purpose. While reading these to get a name for an AD&D (original, 1.0 version. None of these wierd versions people play now days) character I was creating, I came across 'Shaftiel'. Sounded kinda cool I thought at the time. But what got me was his supposed purpose/job before the fall. Shaftiel was the Judge of God, and the keeper of the Angel of Death. My teenage self was very impressed by this, and decided to use the name. Been using it ever since, going on over 20 years now. luckily its a pretty rare name to come across, so I usually don't have any issue geting it in any game I am interested in playing.


Little bit of trivia I picked up as a kid (Take that for what its worth lol, kids are not the best at cross checking data :P), you can always tell what names are Angels (Demons as well, since they are also Angels) simply by the ending -el. Shafti-el, Micha-el, Gabri-el, Uri-el, Israf-el .... and so on. There are names without the -el, but those are usually either aliases or names from Islam or newer texts.






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I tend to believe that every person has some kind of animal that they take after and I don't just mean their looks...I'm talking about an entire personality profile leaning in that direction. Some people are sneaky weasels, others stubborn as on ox...etc. I am a monkey, but I'm more distinguished than that...and MrMonkey was created. MrLuvMonkey has become the next iteration just because that is my wife jokingly called me and I liked it.

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