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Tutorials & tricks & stuff (infected) (survivors)


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Tutorial (I'm in school just trying to kill time tell I get to go home and join the servers)


1. New to the left 4 dead 2 servers? Ever wondered how to use points or give them to players that need them?


Simply type in (!buy to open the store)


Or (!give (any random number without brackets then the players name with a space in between) to send points to players.


Want to switch special infected? Just hit the right button on your mouse button.


Want to fly around while you're still in ghost mode? Press R while moving on solid ground.



Tricks that might come in handy later (infected)(my opinions and tricks)


Dead centre - 1st mission (charger smoker jockey, usually chargers get most kills here)


When the survivors are walking by a window, try to align yourself and make sure you're looking towards the window aiming to charge outside. Don't move or look around. Get ready to charge as the survivors are walking by. Don't attack the first one, always aim after the group in the middle unless the first set of survivors walk into the room you're in. Then just charge! 75% of the time you'll get a survivor out the window and give chargers an opportunity to go after others while they're on the ground getting up after being charged In a group (if you know what I mean, typing this half tired so try to bare with me) I'll write more when I'm not lazy xD


Same mission but for survivors


As you're walking down the hallway, crouch and walk slowly so the infected can't find you, or catch exactly where you're at.


Snipers - make sure you're in the back of the group and not in the front or in the middle


Assault guns - stick to the middle and when you see special infected. Crouch and shoot for better accuracy.


Shotguns - stay In the front watch you're corners. Shotguns are best to be in the front where most of the action is.

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