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  1. parish has the most fun/'versatility tbh, no mercy has the same spawn points/chokes after a while (altho i guess u could say that about any map) but yeah this seems like fun even tho in the end it's just gonna come down to who can time their tank spawn the best like it always does in any 10v10 game
  2. if someone's black and white or low on health or being healed or defibbed and they'er basically not moving and it's an open area with tons of buildings and roofs stand either next to them if you trust your aim and line up with hunters and boomers that are sure to drop on them, you're protecting your teammates and practicing your skeeting skills. two-in-one. never stay with the crowd, always be slightly farther out to the sides or the back make it instinctive not to immediately shoot the boomer when it comes, even if you have fantastic aim and want those points, if you shoot a 6-person boom that's 6 people on your team who can't see, you want to make sure you shoot the boomer only if it's necessary to do so or if he's not around anybody/very few people. instead, make it instinct to either hold off on shooting the boomer and let your teammates that are near him handle it when he drops, or m2 it quickly and jump/strafe backwards to safety and then pop him. the most annoying thing happens when you can safely shoot the boomer first but you're not given the chance to jump out of the way because somebody else is trigger happy. it's okay to have fast reactions and be good at killing SI, but be smart about it when it comes to boomers. when boomed stay in the middle, in a corner, or somewhere where your teammates can see you and are close to you. always huddle up next to somebody if you get boomed. if there's very few people left on your team when playing as survivors, and you want to maximize your chances of making to the saferoom, stay as close as possible to each other so that the SI landing animations will bounce off and give you godframes, e.g. when a charger charges you and stumbles te hunter can't pounce until the godframes wear off, or when a jockey lands on you there's a few seconds of a stumble godframe. take advantage of these godframes as survivors and use them to clear SI. in some situations it's better to m2 a jockey or hunter or smoker than it is to try and aim and kill them. a few milliseconds of timing is the difference between m2ing a jockey/hunter/smoker and getting wiped because you were too busy trying to aim for his head. unless of course you're confident enough you can kill them first, then by all means do so. swing your camera view with an angle so it curves around screen, when m2ing or when meleeing. this lands more hits on the common infected. if you have a melee and there's a map known for death charges/smokes, get really comfortable with being up and close to chargers and levelling them, or knowing when to time a tongue-cut. i find tongue cuts much harder than levelling chargers, so know your weaknesses and adapt. bind a boomer bile to your keybinds, disables the tank for effectively 10-15 seconds making him blind and pretty much ensuring he's dead in that time frame (if everybody focuses on him). if a tank is biled, never let him get away without doing damage, that's your primary opportunity to kill right there. as infected, angle your rocket spawns so that you're curving the trajectory in mid-air. don't go in linear or straight lines, especially at popular choke points or obvious spawn locations. when playing as infected and trying to land a rocket spawn somewhere, think "where would I prefire or aim if I was survivors and trying to kill infected?" and do the opposite. basically, go for the rarest, unorthodox, least common spawn points, and get creative with what you can do. time your rocket booms so you can run around a corner and still reach your survivors when spawning by strafing in mid-air. sometimes tank unannounce is unnecessary if you can rocket spawn a tank at the very last second so it only morphs when it hits the ground. pills cost 5 points and med kits 8, but pills make you bleed out slowly. decide wisely when it's best to pill and when you should just heal. give priority when sending points to those who are asking for the least points. i always give people who !np 1 !np 2 or !np 3 because it's economically efficient for my team. if somebody is asking for 10 or more points on my team, they better know what they're doing or they better be important. otherwise it's hogging points (which I'm sometimes guilty of doing). if somebody gives you a large amount of points, make it a habit of returning the favor, especially when they ask for it too. if somebody's low on health and they just popped pills, don't heal them. i know it makes sense since they're low on health and will bleed, but unless they're black and white, if they popped pills just recently then don't heal them. it's frustrating being healed after wasting 5 points on pills. let them take the pills and hold off on healing them until they really need it.
  3. i just want an upgrade that disables gandalf from playing
  4. thought gandalf was gonna suggest a way to spectate in-game, but instead he's promoting his stream. ehh...he's an OK player. if you really want to get better, spectate me killing him.
  5. i only get headshots anyway, so no point in having a guide but thanks
  6. if you see IHAVENOCLUEWHATIMDOING enter a game, type !sp ihavenoclue all, it gives you godmode
  7. Do gas cans work in the same perimeter and range as a fireworks? And does it insta-kill commons at the same speed? And when SI get into the AoE, does it keep them lit or do the same damage as a fireworks would? Questions...
  8. wheres your laser sight? and explosive ammo? are you even a true GCer?
  9. tips: even if you on a flat surface, you should still use Ctrl. when's the correct timing for pressing ctrl? like my thought process is: tap ctrl and jump at the same time, and repeat but some people say you tap ctrl slightly before the jump, some say slightly after
  10. ^ you two should date i ship it first GC couple OTP
  11. I support this. I've used custom crosshairs in the past, along with a Hunter's rainbow (which is probably a cheat on ProMod but here it's sketchy at best), and while they did help me so much, after a while I had to disable them out of framerate issues. Now I just stick to default and stock, and I think most people should be playing this way. It evens out the playing field and makes everything more enjoyable, since really the factors that a person relies on is much less.
  12. alright that's it, im out. edit: nooooooo im busy the 7th through 9th and also it might be a good idea posting this on competitive forums, like l4dnation. hopefully we can convert those guys to 10v10s haha
  13. I guess this wouldn't be such a big deal if it weren't for the fact that I'm sure I wasn't team stacking... http://gamrs.co/forums/index.php?/pages/sourcebans look for IHAVENOCLUEWHATIMDOING my ban expires in 3 hours but I'm just hoping somebody sees this so I can play and not have to wait EDIT: usually I'm the guy who tries to balance teams and help out a team with lesser-skilled members by switching over, but if this was seen under the wrong intention, hence my ban, then I guess it's acceptable. But otherwise, I was surprised to be booted so suddenly last night.
  14. charging someone while buying a tank simultaneously spawns your charger into a tank and keeps you stuck, pummeling the survivor but with a tank body and a charger's pummel animation
  15. When playing against really good players with good aim, rocket spawning with boomer is essentially a no-go since they'll just pop you as soon as they see you in the air. With that being said, is there any tips or tactics you guys use that you find works against good players, so that they won't easily kill you while you boomer spawn? I've been trying a variety of tactics, including curving my boomer rocket, or waiting while there's a distraction spitter, charger or hunter. Sometimes I find if I hold shift and S (the backward key) in mid-air after my spawn, it stops the animation completely straight in the air, making them confused. Anybody have any luck and want to share tips or secrets? :3 Let's help each other improve and get better!
  16. i need a guide on how to effectively use tank im still practicing how to hit cars in a straight angle, curved angle, etc etc and how to curve rocks and stuff help pm scubiedoobie if u wanna tutor me 1on1
  17. hes referring to Suicide Blitz 2
  18. it just feels bad, ya know? Especially if somebody who you kick as a result of you joining has been a frequent member, but they just don't feel like paying. And then once I kick them I find out later they were either a really valuable member to the team or had like 50 something points already saved up...it just sucks and makes me feel bad. Which is why I always try to wait until there's an open spot rather than kicking the other person. This could also cause them to be like "WTH?" and then quit the server entirely, since it can tinkle people off. And it's weird since there's twelve, I repeat, TWELVE spots open for spectating, but only two people can take them up. Why is this? I think it would be a good idea if we open up all twelve spots, and then some people can go use the bathroom, or get some food, or just spectate good players and learn, while still being able to stay in the room and not be auto-kicked. And I don't think it'd be a terribly hard thing to do, since the current system already relies on a first-come, first-to-play basis. GOLDEN RULE edit: I have to admit though, not being auto-kicked was one of the primary reasons I became a member. So I guess it's also a good thing, since it's an incentive for non-members to be able to play.... Just makes me wonder if we should have a members-only and non-members "trial" server....do we have the money for that? @the server admins
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