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Another Reminder About Attitudes


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Tonight, we were playing Dark Carnival.  A GC member typed in chat for both teams to read:

"yep, this is boring. other team has ruthless punks, and this team has incompetent teammates"
This member then left the game.  I'm not calling them out here on the forums, but keep in mind that BM's will find out, as they review chat logs.
There was a recent post made by Peanut with regard to keeping a "friendly atmosphere" (I use that phrase generally).  This was a pretty salty thing to say, and certainly was thought out while (or before) it was typed.  If you're that unhappy or frustrated with how the game is going, just leave.  Period.  It's so very simple.
I'm extremely disappointed.  :Disappointed_anim:
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It's pretty easy folks... just like with cursing. You either don't type it, or refrain from holding C while shouting it. Just don't say nasty things to folks in general. Everyone gets to be on... disadvantaged teams at times. New folks can learn commands, get better with time. But they won't bother if people are shouting at them. The same handful of players will not always be around and you will not always be on their team.


Another thing that has been discussed that goes hand-in-hand with this. Referring to people as giving them "cancer, diabetes, aids, etc" due to their inability to play as YOU would like them won't be tolerated. You get a warning, if you mock/laugh it off you get a days ban. Just don't do it. It's not funny and you should feel bad.

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Lol! Most of my responses are pretty sporty. Normally dialed in to whatever relationship I have with the thrower.... Shallow relationship = not much said.. Strong relationship - "I'm going to be honest here....." 



this team has incompetent teammates


what if they were throwing (gandalf)


You mean like playing for kills and wanting to win but buying an m16 without a laser? I would definitely start a thread about someone doing that! o.O    Just the thought of it... 


Remember, we promote good sportsmanship.  Anything not displaying that will be dealt with accordingly.


Soda: With Gandalf (also Elias), because the throwing is so obvious, you shouldn't even need to announce it.

Am I being accused of being a thrower here ?.? I'm offended! I demand to see evidence... I swear I slipped.. There was a banana peel!


I'd also like to take the time to point out that death from the coaster drop on Dark Carni make 3 'Tunnel of Love' is an incap distance drop!!!! Lol


P.S. If Soda throws just tell him Gandalf will gladly switch teams and show him how to carry... He gets real sporty when called out... Lol

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GC Board Member

If Soda throws



I'll have you know Gandalf that I only throw when m- *ahem* I mean I never throw, I always try my hardest, all the time!



He gets real sporty when called out



dont trigger me gandalf.. you wont like me when im triggered.. *turns into the incredible sulk* 

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lol, I type *sigh* alot in game, usually when soda is on.  I was hijacking the already hijacked thread. :P  If you'd play the game once in a while Peanut, you'd understand.



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