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Balance suggestions for infected


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My current stance on balance is that survivors are much more powerful than specials, aside from tanks. Forcing infected players to farm tanks to consistently have a chance to wipe a team. I do not like this state and it also makes infected feel very boring for players who just want to be impactful on the regular specials without feeling forced into farming for a tank +heals.


1. Nerf tanks, probably 9/10 team wipes are caused by tanks. Idk about everyone else but I find tanks are also pretty boring to play against.

With the current balance it's way too easy for decent players to farm 80 points off boomers or rocket jockeys and single handedly wipe a team with their tank +heal.

I would change tank buys to 75 points and remove the ability to heal as tank altogether.


2. Buff special infected damage.

a) Smokers are nearly worthless in gc outside of a few locations in campaigns. They barely give any points and rarely do significant damage.

I would 2x the damage of strangling a survivor, thus greatly increasing the threat of them and increasing their point gain as well.




b) boomers are very low skill floor and generate a ton of points, encouraging many players to spam them over other specials too frequently. I know boomer point generation has been nerfed before, but that still doesn't seem like enough to me with stomach acid and other achievements. 

I would further reduce boomer vomit point generation by approximately 30%. I would also increase boomer scratch damage to 10, greatly increasing their threat at close range to survivors.




c) spitters. "SPIT AND DIE" is a very old concept in gc and I think it could be revamped. Spitters do good damage and have good utility already, but idk why players have to die after spitting otherwise they are essentially useless. This can be very alienating to new players getting roasted for not suiciding after spitting, although still trying to be useful.

If possible, I would reduce spitter recharge time by about 60%. 

This would allow players to for example sit on top of a building and spit below frequently until a survivor deals with them. I know a few locations where this could be abused with coordinating players as spitters, but would be interested to see how this affects the game pace and play style of this special.




d) jockeys. Nerf rocket jockey damage, buff jockey riding damage.

Rocket jockeys generate a ton of points from the landing damage and bonus points. I think jockeys should be able to quickly incap survivors caught out, similar to smokers, but shouldn't be close to hunters in terms of landing damage.

I would reduce rocket jockey damage by 50% and increase jockey riding damage by 30%. 

This increases incentive for players to clear teammates as soon as possible but worry a bit less about the flying jockeys they are nearly impossible to counter consistently.




e) chargers. I think chargers are one of the most well balanced specials currently. They are fun to play, high impact but without being overpowered, and very counterable with melee weapons. No changes I would suggest.





f) hunters. Buff max high pounce damage.

25 damage is a bit weak as a top damage potential, especially with the insanely high skill cap and squishy nature of this special. One awp shot or one ak bullet to the head will kill a hunter, making them easily counterable for decent survivors. 

High level hunter players are not rewarded enough for their skill level, and I believe this is a bad thing for the replayability of these players. 

I would increase max high pounce damage to somewhere between 30-35. This would also buff their point generation as well, increasing incentive for players to improve their skills on this special.




g) witches. Witches are in a pretty good spot, but severely outclassed by tanks. Witches are fun to play against, but become a bit too strong with 45 point dangerous witches.

I would reduce witch cost to 15 points, and a dangerous one to 25.

I would also 2x the cost of buying dangerous witches. This will make infected players who have a lot of points really think whether a tank or dangerous witches is more valuable. If there team has been spamming witches all game, it greatly adds incentive to save up the 90 points for dangerous.

this will encourage more players to buy witches, especially is they have a hard time getting many points, allowing them to have a solid impact on the team, but shouldn't destroy the survivors so easily if it is much harder to buy dangerous witches.


This is a long post and I am not even sure if all these changes are possible or how many players would agree with my suggestions. Regardless, gc hasn't seen a major balance change in maybe forever, so I feel like it would be a good way to bring a fresh feeling to the server.




Bonus suggestion for Jackie.

Increase server tick rate. I have spent my fair share of time working through plugins and sourcemods, and found a way to increase server tick rates from 30 all the way up to 100. This makes the game feel incredibly smooth for all players, even on 20 lerp, and I highly recommend looking into it if possible. I can provide more details on how we did this if you are interested, just let me know.



Also, I know gc board members have been quiet lately so I'm unsure if there is even interest in large revamps to the server, but I hope some people like myself still have the interest to warrant this.

if you read through the whole post, let me know your thoughts on my suggestions, if people have better ideas, I will update the post.



tldr: nerf tanks into the ground, buff every other special.


Long live gc and max is best player. Have a nice day


(Posted on mobile, apologies for any grammatical or formatting errors)

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I agree with this on many levels; for one it takes some sort of skill to play each special infected esp while working as a team , why does boomer and rocket jockey generate the most points


I 10000% agree on hunters; there are some skilled hunter players out there and it is actually extremely hard to land anything in general against a decent team of sharp shooters who know how to watch the sky and general hunter locations; in a competitive match no one wants to play hunter because it wont generate points, its like a shot in the dark. They really need to buff hunter damage/points on standing players, keep points down for incapped players.


I would like to see more achievements to work towards, was asking for that a long time ago


It's an old game but somehow we keep getting 10v10 matches with regulars. I remember a time where we had both servers completely full and there was a wait to get in. With the holidays around there a lot more people coming back to play; regulars, people we haven't seen in a while, and complete noobs; personally I get excited to see new players with new potential skill if they stick around; but they need to be dealt with leniently with warnings and such before kicking if we wanna keep some sort of community, I'd like to see some updates of the server. 

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Some great ideas going on here - but, alas, until servers are fixed, there is not much that can be done - and we would probably need more input from many more members to ascertain how to update 'survivors and infected' balance.  

I would like to see tank respawns for 100pts.

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GC Board Member
4 hours ago, MPG1770 said:

the bigger picture is getting GC fixed first

@MPG1770 Hey Maestro, what do you mean by fixing GC? Is that more referring to the community/board member side of things rather than the technical server side? 

Also worth noting community members like myself are willing to help out to keep the community and/or servers active and running if there's opportunity. 

Hope yall are enjoying the weekend and looking forward to the holidays

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There is a post somewhere about the technical side of the server relating to issues - Coding makes no sense to me - something to do with 'migrating' GC to a new format - btw, GC uses Linux.  Maybe a BM could briefly explain if they got time :).


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I agree with many aspects. Especially the Hunter, hell, do you know what it is vs a game against Red Devil, Sushi, Joda or Shaft? He was already nerfed the hunter once, but that greatly increased the marksmen's ability. And I dare say that hunters do too. Something that I really don't share is about modifying the spitter. I understand that spitt and die is an old term and for us who have been here for years before new users. I don't think we should modify the wait time on a new upload. Remember that when we are contained in a good team it is easy to die and someone is already waiting to be a spitter. There are spots where if we all cooperate as a spitter, we end up with a team or several of them before leaving. Imagine that we only have two spitters for the team and that only two users use it, we would lose that power in that strategic place of the game. (For pointing out the exit to go for weapons in the third chapter of mercy). As for the boomers, we are talking about modifying the point for vomiting. Do you remember good shooters too? This also affects us here, there are games where I spend half a map without vomiting someone (blame red), if you managed to arrive and vomit two, it is a profit. It's still a challenge to use the rocket boomer if you have good shooters on the other team.


With Love, Max AKA Gambit

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