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New !buy 10v10 Server


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I've often thought about what the L4D2 !buy 10v10 experience could be, given a bit of tweaking and active development influenced by community feedback.

I know that GC used to operate like this, though things changed over time, as life happens - understandably.


That said, I've taken it upon myself as a personal project to reinvent the experience for the community.

I took the time to learn Sourcemod code (SourcePawn) and build an !buy plugin almost from scratch, heavily influenced by the version used in GC.

Since Jackie's version is not public and other points plugins are not quite the same, almost all the functionality for the points system was made by me.
I include things like boomer goggles, SI fire extinguish, placeable witches, and more.

I've also included things like the ready up system, a database for long term stats, and achievements, all custom built.

Also included rocket spawning, infected class chooser, and some other plugins that make GC as fun as it is.


I have also made a 10v10 server, which runs on 66 tick rate, opposed to the 30 tick rate of most L4D2 servers, GC included.

This makes the game feel much, much better. You can even play on zero lerp without experiencing any common infected jitter.

Additionally, I have tweaked the behavior and statistics of the special infected and reduced the presence of tanks. 


My philosophy for 10v10 is that you shouldn't need to buy many tanks at once to wipe a survivor team, but rather the specials should be strong enough to be able to do so.

Almost all specials received buffs to their damage, some received additional buffs, like smokers tongue range being increased, or boomers being able to move slowly while puking.

Health values of specials are kept at vanilla with the exception of the tank, who has traded some max hp for increased move speed and lost the ability to heal.

I am very open to feedback and suggestions, as I am actively developing new features and am very active on discord.

I have created a new discord server, specifically designed for this new server, and all GC members are welcome to join, chat, connect, and provide feedback or suggestions.

I do not run the server 24/7 right now, however I am open to it in the future.

If you are interested in learning more or trying it out, join the discord, where I'm actively tracking my development: https://discord.gg/zwbGzFmwM8

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@Flitterkill actually glad you mention that, Archer and I been chatting a bit recently and I've mentioned that I'm definitely open to helping work on Jackie's version, or other server-related things.
I even made my own ready-up plugin from scratch in ~200 lines of code that should be very efficient.
Aside from plugins, I just recently hooked up a local database and started making the code for long-term stat tracking, and potentially very interesting stat comparisons, like map-specific personal bests, all time records, etc. - all the while being efficient by using threaded queries and selective timing on reading and writing where reasonable (like writing stats to the DB after the round ends).
Basically I just like making stuff work nice and feel good, so if you guys are interested in exploring some new things then I can definitely help out. :boing:

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Archer did mention he was hesitant to give me access to look at Jackie's plugin code, since it's not his (understandably considerate).
So I'm not sure who I need to make sure to ask!
Obviously Jackie, but my assumption is he isn't around

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It's fine. Just team up with Archer and grab what you need.

I do need to know if you want to make what you are doing the new GC L4D2 server or if this is just going to be your thing.

All y'all need to hash this out, preferably before July :)

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Copy that!
For now this is a project aside from GC, but if it is accepted by the community to be a suitable replacement for the existing server, I'd be open to merging it into GC.
Will keep you in the loop as things progress!
I started this project about 2-3 weeks ago, and I would say things are getting quite close to shippable-product level by my standards, so I think having it sorted by July is doable 

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Fire extinguish showcase and uncommon chance increase showcase coming soon.
Been focused on helping with GC's plugin recently so haven't added many new features to mine.

If you have anything you'd like to see added as a proof of concept or to see how it plays, let me know and I can probably make it happen.

I'm going to be adding infected bot point storage and usage soon.


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I wasn't developing over the last few months so it took me a minute to get the server set up and start working on it.

This video covers some of the tweaks and changes I have made to date on the infected side.

This server plays and feels really good with the higher tickrate and my custom buy options.

Changes like the tank balancing and hunter/smoker tweaks would make GC so much more fun in my opinion - personally I can't stand the tank heal spam lol but anyway that's just me 0o0

Things like Team Boomer Goggles would be super nice to have in GC, so feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

If there's anyone who wants to play on it for themselves, let me know and I will make sure you get a chance to try and break stuff - considering I have no QA Testers, so I am the only one testing things lmao :dork:

https://discord.gg/zwbGzFmwM8 - this discord is quiet but it's a place where you can always reach me and discuss anything server-related


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Since the Last Stand update broke so many things, I never attempted to try to fix anything because, from what I experienced, the Sourcemod community never really fixed any of the dependents.  That probably changed since I had given up looking.

I never publicly released my plugin because of a few reasons:

1. I'm not a programmer.  Even though I wrote v2.0 from scratch, it was still a giant mess.  I only learned Sourcepawn from reading other people's work on plugins I was interested in, which led me to altering an already existing Points System and making countless bug fixes (pre v2.0).  For those who remember the invincible Tank dying animation will know what I mean (which was... man, 11 years ago?).  Things that would take someone like 30 minutes to code or fix would take me hours and I had no one I could use for resources.  A few people helped me test, but that's literally it.

2. The code is a giant ducking mess.  Under someone much more competent than I am, I bet the entire plugin size could be halved.  Including whitespace, comments and such, it weighs in at a hefty 12,337 lines.  I'd be embarrassed to have someone look at what I made, let alone constantly criticize it.  I want to have some kind of dignity left...  I'm surprised that the majority of the things actually... kinda worked.

3. I didn't want people to change what I had created.  Call it pride or something, but if you let someone tinker around with something you made... is it really yours anymore?  I didn't want it to not be mine anymore.  There should be no shame in asking for help, but at the time, I had no one I could ask for help from.  The constant nagging people did when something didn't work and expected the "genius at work" to fix it when they didn't know how to is kinda awkward.  Probably is my fault anyway.  I wanted recognition on something I made and I was kind of proud of myself that I made something work from nothing without knowing how to do it... which led me to not wanting to lose it, so I never released it.

4. I didn't want it to be used anywhere else but GC.  I made it for GC, I felt it should be exclusive to GC... plus reason 3.  I also wanted to keep things as vanilla as possible because every other 10v10 server was going further and further away from vanilla.  Even slight changes (apart from very slightly buffing damage values by like 1 or 2, I'm looking at you Jockey and Smoker) would depart from vanilla in my eyes.  The biggest change was Tanks didn't get slowed by gunfire anymore.  In my eyes, those other servers kinda ruined the feel of the original game and if you didn't want to play somewhere where you could have like 50 abilities to choose from or have 1000 Survivor HP, GC's server was people's home.

Also... it sucked when you were trying to enjoy yourself playing in the server, seeing something not work right or break, then leaving the server to fix it right away so the other 19 people could continue to have fun... wish I could have had fun every now and then... sadge.

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