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  1. [LuckyCharms] was my favorite clan to be a part of. yes, that is truly old. i cant even remember names. teflon_BC? he was a nice guy
  2. hello, i just jumped in a familar thread to say wadup. for all of you that know me and havent seen me in awhile, my college firewalls all internet games, so i havent cs'd in over a year. kinda sucks. but i miss playing with everyone i used to play with. its cool to see familar faces around here still, especially CsLs. that clan is like 5 years old. alright, anyways. p.s. is stedanko still around?
  3. honestly, i hated the pick. how could they pick another wide reciever? whats wrong with joe thomas?
  4. Dang, that is crazy that he would even want somthing to do with something that horrible that happened to him. I know if I survived somthing like that, I would not want anything to do with that inccident ever again By watching the movie, I felt that the guy who survived was the real killer. Everything points to him. The girls bodies, the car, etc. were never found. This means that the entire story was fabricated. If you read the text at the end of the movie it says that he was taken into police custody and refused to cooperate with them, but was let go due to lack of evidence. Seriously, this guy pulled off the best lie ever and got away with it, blaming the deaths of the two girls on a serial killer who doesnt exsist! They even said at the end of the movie that the location he claimed to have been doesnt exsist. wow that is freakin good point. very nice
  5. um i liked it. i dont think it was that good though. it was really really funny though.
  6. Draco

    Hi Hi!

    haha, i was just thinking the other day if you still played, whadup bro
  7. oh great, are they gonna charge 50 dollars
  8. what is a 31/20 spec warrior.
  9. seems like there are some higher level characters. what is a great class for pvp'ing. i have been looking around and i see all sorts of stuff. just would like some general input.
  10. i just want to point out that i own lunk
  11. yeah but that encourages camping. 2.3 is plenty if your team MOVES!!!!! i like the round time, its one of my favorite things about the server.
  12. hahahahahahah, wear a helmet
  13. That beach woman thing was nasty. Why the crap did I click on it? hahahahahha, i cant stop laughing about it
  14. Draco


    placebo is good
  15. that was map kamya something was pretty sweet
  16. did you get picked on a lot by the jocks?
  17. yeah but they are still better than you
  18. Draco


    lol noob, ill pwn you!
  19. aight, ill im you it, i just looked up your screen name
  20. about 15-30 mins, i was in the Seattle server and this kid was tk'ing. First, some kid got in his way and he popped in the head. Then, i accidentally shot him once, he tk'd me down to 10 hp and types "OWNT." I have a screenshot.
  21. i dont admire him, hes a jerk off, the bears are going to take a poop on him this year and then go ahead and break charles woodson's leg again
  22. lol pooned him, funniest thing i have ever seen
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