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Everything posted by Peckles

  1. My wife asked what I would do without her, and I said I'd get to park in the garage

    1. turnbullTeRRoR


      how about you re-parktake in rust?

    2. PeanutButterNJelly


      I recently was debating if it was worth staying married. Once I realized I would have to do my own laundry, I decided it was worth the hassle.

    3. JackieChan


      Yeah, laundry sucks.

  2. Hello.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. shaftiel


      SHHH!! Don't feed the Pickles.

    3. Peckles


      You're a beautiful man. Don't ever change.

    4. Fairweather


      Pickles you salty old cucumber dog you

  3. If you haven't heard of double entendres, I'd be happy to fill you in

    1. tainted92


      A woman walked into a library and asked the receptionist if he could find the book on innuendos. After searching for it on his computer, he took her in the back and let her have it.

  4. I think I just need to start drinking on all my days off so that when there's an issue at work I legally can't go fix it

    1. crasx


      i see nothing wrong with that

  5. Not all food makes me fart, just the ones I eat

    1. scubiedoobie


      in other news: humans breathe oxygen

    2. Jerkoff


      Is been also noted that 100% of humans who drank water will died eventually.

    3. shaftiel


      I have a fear that one day, all the uneaten food will coalesce into a giant food monster and wipe out the human race. I am just doing my part to stop it. And maybe your part as well....

  6. Jeez...we really DO let anyone in this country...
  7. Few things can make you feel as insignificant as a urinal whose sensor triggers the flush while you're still peeing

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. JackieChan


      Next we'll have urinals that make comments about you while you're still taking a tinkle.

      "You need to drink more water."

      "What are you doing, emptying a bucket or something?"

      "Poop belongs in the toilets, not here."

    3. DiXie
    4. shaftiel


      I'm going to say that his comment has nothing to do with the stream. Its more to do with the nozzle.

  8. So I recently moved to a house across from a park. There are lots of bunnies having parties. Like, all the time. So I wrote them a jam. The Bunny Jamboree
  9. Whenever I wear pants my legs run out of breath

  10. My stomach is having a party and I don't think I want to stick around til the end

  11. I am too pooped to even poop

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. chick82


      Dude i wanted to say eww, but I seriously soooo relate to this LOL>

    3. walkingCat


      I'm so tinkled, that I tinkled... oh well.

    4. Madvillain


      I feel like NOFX may have said this a few times during his trek.

  12. I tried using a changing table once, but the baby was still a baby in the end

    1. turnbullTeRRoR


      dang yours was broke as well?

  13. Mother-in-law won't go home. So hungry. Don't want to go downstairs. Please send cookies.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. onyxdragoon


      When did you even get married?

    3. shaftiel


      Hes married to his left bedroom slipper. The 'mother-in-law' is the right bedroom slipper. Pickles has issues, its best just to whistle and look the other way.

    4. Peckles


      Whistle, do whatever you want, just send the cookies already

  14. Yeah, but we haven't done anything with it for like...3 years? Only 3 videos on it. YouTube
  15. Oh look, a song. Ever bought a house? There are fun parts and not so fun parts. Here's an unhelpful parody of John Legend's 'All of You' called '(Paid For) All of You'. (Paid For) All of You
  16. It's pretty depressing to realize that your job is basically to enable jerks to instruct other jerks how to more efficiently be jerks

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Peckles


      I'm an audio tech, so I give people peddling self-important crap the ability to say it louder with a wider area of effect

    3. shaftiel


      Have you made any new music lately?

    4. Peckles


      Not for awhile...What would you like a song to be about, shaft?

  17. After lengthy lobbying, the origami association finally welcomed me to the fold

    1. Lookback


      Glad to hear that their membership has in creased!

  18. "Will you be having kids at the wedding?" "No, I think we'll wait until after..."

    1. Fairweather


      "yes, they've been slow roasting all day"


    2. Lookback


      I knew this was the thin end of the wedge back to Dixie's puppies...

  19. I can't wait to have kids because goats are awesome

    1. Lookback


      Careful, or this will go the way of Dixie's puppies!

    2. Johnny


      We gonna eat his kids too?

  20. If you're looking for the quickest way to achieve a thigh gap, it's no more complicated than chopping off one of your legs

    1. Jerkoff


      Man, those one-legged people must have it good then!

    2. Fairweather


      do pickles have legs?


  21. On marking territory: Guys give girls a ring to wear. Girls leave bobby pins EVERYWHERE.

  22. Would it be weird to bring deviled eggs to a church function?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. shaftiel


      Depends. Now if you brought deviled balut, that would be awesome.

    3. onyxdragoon


      Shaft likes balut? Who woulda known...

    4. Pumpernickel
  23. In Canada, it's 'Hodour'.

    1. shaftiel
    2. Lookback


      Does not look like Canada


  24. -37 is my favourite 37...

    1. Lookback


      Now I know why you live in Edmonton...

    2. Architect


      yuck. unless it is positive 37 c, then even that is freeking too hot.

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