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  1. Hard to say, I'd go enable this if you dont want to worry.
  2. Did you guys check minecraft.net? If its down(and it goes down daily it seems) you won't get in.
  3. Are you looking at a full on gaming desktop replacement laptop with poor battery life and limited mobility? Or do you want something on the lighter side with some battery life?
  4. i5-2xxx parts == Sandy Bridge, It'd suggest sticking with the i5-3xxx parts which are Ivy Bridge. Ivy brings PCIe 3.0 vs 2.0, and smaller process and likewise cooler running, higher performance at the same clock rate, and a handful of new CPU instructions.
  5. I'd stick with the Intel side, AMD has not been doing so hot with their own CEO stating they have no position in the high-end market and talks of them folding entirely. The single threaded performance of AMD's Piledriver is still awful and Windows 7's scheduler isn't aware of it's internal organization, tho Windows 8 is. As for RAM all of the Sandy/Ivy Bridge chipsets(besides the H61) support 32G of RAM so 16 isn't an issue. . The B75, Q75, Q77, and H77 all support CPU overclocking, conventional PCI, 1 PCIe 3.0 16x slot, and 8 PCIe 2.0 lanes configured however the board maker chooses. The Z75 and Z77 support RAM overclocking in addition to CPU, drop support for conventional PCI, support the same number of PCIe lanes but allows them to be divided into two slots(2 8x Z75) or three slots(1 8x, 2 4x Z77). So really a question of if you want to be able to run your RAM faster than DDR3-1600 and if you want the extra PCIe for Crossfire/SLI. As for the SSD OCZ's Vector just came out which is the first release of their in house designed controller and it is a beast in every way, $159 for the 128G, and $289 for the 256G. I will however say OCZ is on the brink of going out of business and their support is some of the worst in the industry. Intel has the 330 and slightly higher end 520 series both based on the SandForce controllers available in a number of sizes and reasonably priced, with excellent support and reliability.
  6. I'd guess less with those games since they're likely to exist for Linux/GNU along with OS X and Windows.
  7. Boiler, if you're using the Digiex launcher, you just need to hit options before you login -> JAR downloader - Select. Keep in when you hit the "JAR downloader" it pops up a new window behind the current window, they have everything back to early 1.0 alphas and the weekly builds as well.
  8. Rather disappointed it isn't multi-platform and DRM free like the previous bundles.
  9. This thread is dead, stop posting, move along now.
  10. amertrash


    Yea, server has been really full for the last week or so, and reserve slots don't work currently.
  11. amertrash


    I'll be sure to randomly slap you, no charge.
  12. Not quite yet but soon, hasn't gotten cold enough yet for full on hibernation.
  13. It's winter time here, the season to get fat. When summer comes I'll start riding my bikes again and drop 30lbs just like every year
  14. just under a 1,000 miles for me, so unless San will give me some of his 3 million frequent flyer miles I'm out
  15. And I just got someone fired. Nothing like doing remote assistance session and noticing the user's massive limewire'd pr0n collection. Whoops.

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    2. ValenAlvern


      limewire, back when phone modems existed...

    3. boiler


      Agree with FK. I can't believe Limewire is still around and being used.

    4. amertrash


      Yea, bad enough to use Gnutella these days, not to mention the worst client for it ever made.

  16. Might be patched by Microsoft as it appears to happen to the HTC WP8 devices too. Wish they would have kept the old familiar BSOD, would have at least been comical
  17. Cat, Black Mesa is an identical remake of the original Half-Life, ported to the Source engine. If you never played Half-Life(possibly the best single player game ever made) I'd highly suggest playing it through. Also Steam's Green Light is just a place for indie developers to get their games/applications listed on Steam's library based on user votes. It's also been a failure full of fraud and offensive content with 95% of it worthless.
  18. I still use a $25 pre-paid myself, and a tablet(right now we've got a couple of Xooms, iPad 2/3s, and a one Surface) with cellular internet for work stuff, just can't imagine paying $90/month for a smart phone. I will say if you're looking at a WP8 device I'd wait, see here. EDIT: Should note I use Google Voice + a couple of WiFi only Android phones + my pre-paid.
  19. Crazy didn't know that. As for the k-cups I bought my Keurig as I'm lazy and at 5am I want caffeine in the quickest least effort method(I've considered the caffeinated soap but I'm doubtful). Insert k cup, insert coffee cup, hate life for 2 minutes, drink coffee hate life slightly less.
  20. I'm on once a day usually, if only for a little bit. Still see Jeho, Biggs, Hailfire and some others.
  21. Just took the girl to a "Brazilian" restaurant where they just walk around with huge chunks of meat on a spike asking if you want any, believe it was the best $104.58 I've ever spent.

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    2. amertrash


      Yep, just like this one. They also had cooked(grilled?) pineapple infused with cinnamon which may have been the best part.

    3. Kuma


      If meat was so good, I can't imagine how were the waitresses ? :P

    4. tonerrrr


      I've only been to "The Fire of Brazil" in ATL. The. Best. Pineapple was prepared the same, very awesome, I too thought it was the highlight.

  22. Thats the best thing to come out of Europe Dude.
  23. Been on hold for support for a local ISP for over 25 minutes without even talking to a person... my headset will die before I get support.

  24. false. the screen at cowboys stadium is 125'. sadly, i just don't have the room (anymore). needs to be 55' or smaller. If you do get the room let me know, they made that sign just 45 minutes north of here, and old friend is one of the Sales managers if you need the hook up
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