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  1. Most of the time, a no-name company can make something, so they go to a major brand and offer to make said product and slap the brand logo on it. Its usually not the parent brand company that's making the product.
  2. In before the "Admin is a nazi" threads. Grats, Tsu.
  3. Welcome to the future of gaming as laid out a few years back by Activision. You lease the software and play when they approve/profit.
  4. So I'm considering doing this. Since the X-Gaming 2-player setup has dropped in price by half, I'm just going to use a design that integrates that setup into the cabinet. I already have a monitor and PC core ready for it, it just comes down to building the cabinet. I'm moderately skilled in wood work and when my Dad died a few years back I inherited all his carpentry and power tools, so I'm set there. Like Flitt, I'm omitting the coin box because, why bother with that for a home box? It will be a Mame / home systems box. I'll be using an old AMD X2 64bit PC and a 19" Samsung LCD that has been removed from its plastic housing already since it was previously used as a portion of a 4x3 video wall in our office lobby (replaced with a much cheaper 70" TV). Any building tips would be appreciated.
  5. So are we done with this? I haven't seen any guildies in days.
  6. Yeah, we've really limited the kids TV/Game time. They've mostly been more interested in sports and outdoor stuff.... of which I'm NOT going to complain. Also, I mostly play stuff like L4D so I never really let them watch or play. They did watch me beat Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 and I remember thinking, MY GOD are kids spoiled nowadays... This crap is waaaaayyy to easy.
  7. Nice, but I think if I saw the underwater level on TMNT one more time I'd kill myself. War for Atari was always fun.
  8. So its high time my 7 yr old son start learning to play video games. correctly, that is. But we're not jumping straight onto the Xbox... No, no... Ole' Dad had to earn his stripes so my kids are gonna have to as well. We're starting off with the original Super Mario Bro. on an emulated 8-bit NES. From there, we'll move to Mega Man and see how he does. Games nowadays hold your hand, save every other map, and have no difficulty whatsoever. He's not going to learn that way. Any other suggestions? I have every system up to Dreamcast emulated in our game room, so my library is whatever the intertubes can offer up.
  9. I'm reminded of the beatles from the Mummy.
  10. I kinda like the idea, but then I log onto a Russian server and no... Just no. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIR97Ubfpa4
  11. I was there. I witnessed this. It was glorious.
  12. I'm officially changing the name of L4D2 to "Thanks, Cink."

    1. TheDude


      True. Everytime you are on the other team, my team ends up saying that.

    2. Cinkadeus


      lol!!! Good one.

  13. Weird watching a hurricane from the OTHER side of it.
  14. Performance is same as 7 so far. Maybe a little better, but not really noticable. The real change is the UI and its total crap. You cannot even close apps, you have to open another app, go back to the start screen, or hit alt+F4. They made a tablet OS for a PC and that really doesn't work without a touch device. I have it here on my Test PC and I'm not feelin the GUI.
  15. I ran through both with no issues on Win7. But I didn't actually use *ahem* "proper" copies. I highly recommend both of these games. Very enjoyable.
  16. No, they can only have 2 coders. Valve doesn't realize the number 3 even exists.
  17. Sigh... This is always my reaction: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_HyxTAyla8
  18. This is why you weren't on my Dream Team.
  19. Would someone invite me to our Steam Group, please.

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    2. Flitterkill


      It's complicated. JC has the GC L4D2 group going. And after that... There may be two other GC groups, started by members, but nothing under the board's control. Might be time to start something to fix that.

    3. JackieChan


      Yeah, the main GC steam group is usually for the community as a whole and you need to be invited. The L4D2 group is for the server where anyone can join.

    4. TheDude


      Are they still active?

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