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  1. hows greenbay blow taht game, and how do my bengals let the game slip away. at least the bengals are tied for first in the afc north at 0-1
  2. just a reminder that the other GC fantasy league taht hasnt drafted yet is THIS wednesday, GOOD LUCK TO ALL and i'm looking forward to it!
  3. I have the razor with the 12 side buttons. I will never use a diff gaming mouse again
  4. i signed up for the second league to help you get to ten, or 12. if you need to boot me to make room for someone who didnt make the other lead, go ahead, but i'll draft to help even this out if needed. Besides, i cant get enough fantasy football.
  5. the card on file was lost, i'm trying to update as I got an email saying i had to in 3 days. I enter the info, hit save, and it says "you did not enter expiry date". I did enter it, its just not registering that I am. Please help!
  6. Yes, yes very jealous I can't show my body to the world at many conventions and post them everywhere on internet while creepy old men masturbate to my pictures and little 12 y/o girls dress like me because is ''cute'' There's a difference with showing some skin and walking around almost naked at FAMILIAL EVENTS... And of course you think she's a good cosplayer, if she had a little extra weight and wasn't the typical american blonde chick with big boobs, you probably wouldnt even notice the costume and would start criticizing her face and her weight. Because that's how crappy society is now. ^ this Ok, now, let me tell you something guys. First of all, I am not jealous of her, I don't like her for many reasons and I have the right to and calling me jealous is just childish. You guys think she's hot because she dresses like a slutty/ porn-ish version of many popular characters and as i said before you wouldnt think her costumes are THAT awesome if she wasn't almost naked. Ok it looks cool, ok she has the skill to make the costume (when its not just a bit more than a bikini and halloween props *refering to the pikachu pic*) but its still over exagerated. Also, sorry to break your heart but, unless they are fake or she is wearing a HUGE push up bra (Or uses that technique : http://tsunamithewav...orial-363874640 ), there's no way that she can naturally have a tiny waist like this with such a huge pair of boobs, its not natural, its impossible, get real. Great point, she is blonde. I'm more partial to brunettes or redheads myself. She just dropped to a 2/10.
  7. Also, the draft is now set for weds sept 4th, at 8pm eastern. This is the latest in terms of day that a draft can be done on yahoo
  8. i changed it back, i added a def player because someone else previously asked if we could, and no one said no. but now due to protest i changed it back, and I am not catering this to myself. I set it up because no one else did, just like no one set up the second league. I'm just trying to do this with everyone and have fun, its not as if its for any real money, so please dont accuse me of setting this up merely to my interests. That is not true at all. If somebody else wants the duty of setting everything up be my guest and let me know. I will hand over the reigns, i just want to have fun with this
  9. I think anyone who shows that much skin at events like E3 or ComicCon that are dominated by male audiences knows exactly what they are doing.They are getting 1/2 naked so they can get attention. I don't think they are tools but I think they are super sleazy. I would even call it gross. I think Jessica Nigri, from what I've seen of her, is one of the sleaziest there is. I just learned that I like sleazy.
  10. i have 3 other drafts next week :x im somewhat addicted to fantasy football
  11. 3 days until out current draft starts. Crunch time on getting a second one sorted if need be
  12. Before last night, probably had Been a few weeks.
  13. So i know i havent been doing much MC lately, because i've bene addicted to dota2. but i just logged on to do some mining and such, and it was clear someones been going through my stuff. I'm missing 58 diamonds. someone was going through my chests because it was mixed up. Torches in my diamond chest, wood in my ender pearl chest, etc etc. So, just because i'm not on as often, doesnt mean someone should be screwing around in my house. i'm most upset about the missing diamonds...
  14. Also, set my original set up league to ten people to hopefully push the issue of a second league. If we get a second league going, we can randomly draw names to see who will get switched.
  15. I don't mind doing 2 leagues. I want everyone who wants to be in to be in. I prefer 10 team league but I'm all for 8 if its for the greater good. I cannot commish two leagues however, and until someone picks up the ball for league 2 and sets it up, We're not gonna be able to divvy it appropriately.
  16. i changed the league i made to 12. last two spots up for grabs, gogogogogo
  17. ive been getting proficient with clinkz, crinkz? whatever, the bow skeleton ganker guy. im consistently posting positive net worth. almost lvl 2! anyone can feel free to add me.
  18. I just want everyone to know that when I win the 400 mil this next drawing, I will still be playing video games with you from my new boat docked in front of my new house and all will be invited over. That is all.
  19. i concur with duder; And I call him duder because i'm not down with the whole brevity thing. and if you dont get my reference, i facepalm for you.
  20. well, i managed not to go 0/21 like three games in a row. Winning
  21. I just started to play this. I suck quite bad at it. But I'll learn.
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