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  1. Is anyone from GC actively playing/raiding? I'm planning on returning to the game after a 2 year hiatus. I was in a #1 raiding guild on my server, and THE highest DPSing Shadow Priest in the server (w/o legendary staff). I just wanted to see if there's a GC guild out there, or if anyone would be interested in creating one. Otherwise, I'm gonna join my old guild I've been with since 2009.
  2. Has anyone dabbled in personal server creation? I made a 3.3.5a Lich King server at home over the weekend to just play around with. (No its not exposed to the intertubes) I'd like to try a vanilla 1.12 or a cata 4.0+ server when I get a chance. Just to see some places I never saw when I was in my WoW coma. Its pretty neat to see the inner workings of a realm server. But even being a god-like GM; without the social aspect of WoW, its a pretty boring game.
  3. Never owned Mega Bloks, but this is pretty well made:
  4. http://www.wowheadnews.com/blog=201373/scroll-of-resurrection-revamped-free-level-80-and-new-mounts This new Scroll of Ressurection gives some good stuff! Message me if you are interested.
  5. Anyone still play WoW? Recently resubbed few months ago and loving it.
  6. Yup still playing wow.... Still in the same hardcore progression guild. Check out this link! Just checked today and we're ranked 124 in the US! http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/baelgun/Crisp/rating.tier11_25
  7. Are there any ex WoW players in the community who still have their accounts but never plan to play again? I may be interested in taking the account off your hands. Give me some details.
  8. Hey I'm new to GC and stuff but not to WoW. I have toons on both Silvermoon (normal) server and Sargeras (PvP). My main is on silvermoon as an alliance pally (Skasse) and got a noobish priest on sargeras (Hitheren). So hit me up with an email at sweens15@hotmail.com or post a reply if ur hanging around on the same servers. Greatly appreciated. Ill see you out there
  9. So my brother is on Shadow Moon but i dunno if i want to play with him because he is 60 and is kind of an.. not gonna say it but if someone wants to play with me on any server and can help me out because i cant lvl alone.. takes me forever, but if someone is with me, i lvl like no other! so... someone leave me a message or something and .. yeah.. (kinda want someone to play with basicly) -Ross AKA ShadowDog
  10. Just wondered if anyone I know from back in the day still plays wow? Yaya, Im still playing, Still on my Druid, Ixia on Bleeding Hollow (alliance) I was really enjoying the new content till My guild put naxx on farm and all the other stuff. now im bored and ready for patch! hope all is well dudes.
  11. I just wanted to know how everyone is doing?
  12. when did we get a pw on vent for wow channel?
  13. anyone who nees one let me know. i have one.
  14. I wondered where you went... i'm disappointed.. lol jk jk
  15. Hey all you WoW GC'ers... I wanted to make a pact with you. In exchange for you trying out Guild Wars, I could maybe... just maybe try out that game called WoW... or you could just come over and try out Guild Wars Allanon
  16. 8/9 black temple. we r on Illidan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. we entered black temple for the first time last night. Pretty cool we took this guild all the way through ssc and tk.
  18. we are now 4/5 hyjal and 3/9 in black temple. tied for first on alliance side. http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.x...un&n=Shepgc
  19. Anyone seen the new WoW card game? Its like all the other card battle games but you get to lvl up your main guy.. Oh and some of the cards have scratch off's with codes for exclusive online items.. Looked kinda cool.. I don't know how good the online ingame items are, but its a neat idea to get people to buy the cards..
  20. i have a free open account.. if anyone wants it.. i played wow for like a month.. but thought other games and life where more important.. hit me up if you are interested.. trade? hmm hermmm hemmm..
  21. 2+ Years in MMORPG developement (post initial release). One major expansion release. I figured they have most of the "release hickups" ironed out. I was wrong. Stupid extended maintenance.
  22. I've posted this on mod sites, I thought I'd throw it up here too if anyone was interested. I've released v 1.0 of my mod. Basically it tracks the amount of reputation you gain and lose with factions during a session. Useful if you're grinding for rep and what to see what you gained. It will also show you your current standing for any factions you changed rep with. If you're interested you can check it out here: Download Link
  23. Anyone play on Wildhammer? lemme know cause i got some characters there
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