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Don't forget to cluster your weapons for extra power.



This game is so addictive... So simple yet soooo entertaining.


Thanks man! Like I need another game to tie up my time... :boo:


You're my worst enemy now. My wife hates you too!



I gotta spread the news about this game to my friends. I'm sure they'll thank you for that. :spin2:

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hmm.. best I can do so far is 311,683,790, level 187. I think I need more damage up modifyers.... but I'm still trying to figure out what if anything they do for nukes. Anyone know?



Heh, just realized that I was 187'd on level 187. Nice.




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what you do is take a missle launcher and put it in a corner, then surround it with machine guns. Make sure none of the maching guns can hit the road. Up all of them to max and it will keep spitting out 3 nukes at a time. You then have to use the 8500 point damage increaser. You will also have to get some slow-things-down combo turrets up.

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