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In-Game Names


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I think we should just post up our names on here in case somebody is playing on our server, but doesn't know any of our names, it'll be a little more organized this way... Also if you could before you're name put the server down you play in...


Server - Stormrage PvP - (Legend: M=main ; A=alt)


Dragonfire - M


Joyell and Bluedragon - A


Nikolas - Ranger - M

Nicolas - Priest of Mitra - A


Dnagc - Necromancer - M


Voodoopc - M

Tanku - A


Anonymo - M

Moogz - A


Evilwookie - M

Evilewok - A


Gerp - M


Server - Wiccana PvE


Dragonfire - M



See ya guys in game!

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Sever: Stormrage


Main: Dnagc - Necromancer


<Try to think how these people have had time to get one character over 40 and start another one that is higher then my one>


I hate you both.. :)

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Hey Dweezil! Welcome again to the AoC subforums! I see you alot around here, I think you really want this game and would rather wander and post around here thinking about it instead of actually buying it... Am I right? Well if I am you should join us for some fun in game, its more fun that way :)

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Do it, Dweez. :)


And I wasn't in the beta, only started playing at launch. But I did have some vacation time, so I got to level then.


If you plan well, you can get 3+ levels in a night. I went up 3 levels last night (from 43 to 46).

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Oooh, my main is a ranger... they're a fun utility/revenge class. Don't expect to blow up everything on the battlefield though... :)


And if you're on vent, I'll give you all the tips and tricks I've learned on the way to level 62 as a ranger.

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Sure, I'll send a request for "Silkdrop", "Razel", and "Gerp".


Just so you guys know, the guild (Gauntlet of Omerta) can have some crude comments in guild chat/vent. They're a stand-up bunch, though.

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