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A pre-made of 5 would be very helpful, because teamwork in this game is the absolute essential key in securing a win. The reason to ask for this is because there is usually a language barrier involved with the matchmaking because anyone in the world can queue for the US-West and US-East servers.The some of the reasons non-english people do this is because of the medium to long queue times that can sometimes take place. This language barrier has become such a problem that when you ask the teammates if they speak English they take offense and usually starts a flame war the whole game. With being said if anyone would want to help with the teamplay and friendliness that this gaming community has been known for it would be really awesome.


Dota2 is still in beta but you can sign up for a beta key at http://blog.dota2.com/ or purchase a key for yourself and a friend for $39.99 this comes with some in-game items as well.


If you are curious about the game I think you can still download the spectator client which allows you to spectate games and will be upgraded to the full free-to-play game when it will be released.

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Some friends of mine are trying to get me into it so I'm rolling with it for now. I'm not very used to the game type. Anyway, I'll log onto Vent when I play so feel free to drop in and let me know if you'd be willing to cope with my extreme inexperience.


I'm not really familiar with the folks at GC beyond those that I've played CS with over the past 3 years. Bring on the introductions.

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Me and Avengers have started playing. Having a lot of fun with it actually, despite being pretty bad. It's a godsend being able to talk to your teammates, without having to hear some comment about my mother in russian.


Any other people who still play?

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Wasn't there another post about this to help those who were interested start playing and learning the game against bots with other GC members? I'm still interested in playing.



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i can try to teach some peeples. show them the art of feeding and whatnot


God i hate riki feeders. Had two of them today, thinking that invisibility is the same as invincibility

In the beginning, it was riki that was giving me problems. But now, I know how to counter him.
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