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The hunter needs to be toned down.


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I don't mind the idea of diminishing hunter points over a time period nor the idea of removing some points from pouncing a downed survivor.


Then why not do it and see what happens, rather than saying it won't make a difference? If you truly believe reducing the points hunters get will not change how often people play hunters,

But I can tell you something about this right now:

regardless of how "nerfed" the hunter gets in the game in amount of points wise, I will still play him, with 100% confidence.

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Obviously people will still play hunters, but will they play hunters as much? Definitely not.


Yes, I will play as much as I do now not matter how many points do I get, specially when there's map with really really tall walls (Passing 2, All Hard Rain) and in those where I can "stick" to the invisible cieling and fly over the map... (Dead Center 2, Passing 3, Sacrifice...).

As for me... if I get 50 points quite quickly I wont spend it on a Tank and try to finish the round, instead I upgrade classes most of the time. I do only buy tank when we are losing badly or when someone types "!tp" and sees me with 50+ points and start to spam me with "jose buy your tank, jose buy your tank"

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