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  1. I haven't played these yet, going to try them today. I like the idea of new campaigns. Mix it up a little. A little more variety would go a long way.
  2. Dang, I just got back on the forums and saw this. Get better soon Maestro!
  3. I definitely miss GCFTW. I'm out in the back woods of Idaho working for the Forest Service for the summer and have zero internet.
  4. Some kind of limit on fireworks would be great. This is a problem when teams are unbalanced and the survivors just spam fireworks the whole time, because it makes it extremely difficult for newer infected players to slow down survivors. Not everyone does it, but there's a few people that probably buy 50 crates a round.
  5. Berea College in KY. One of the best-ranked liberal arts colleges in the US and they give a full-ride scholarship to every student. Granted, it's a work college, but working 10 hours a week in exchange for a free degree isn't a bad tradeoff. I arrived there in 2009 with about $50 in my pocket and left with zero student debt and a pretty decent degree. If your parents have a high Federal EFC, you might have to pay a little for room and board, but it never exceeded $1800/semester for me, which I paid off mostly myself with the money I made working.
  6. i think we should cap the number of fireworks crates each player can buy in one round. lol. It gets a little ridiculous when people are spamming fireworks crates.
  7. When I stumbled upon GCFTW, I was at a point where I was starting to get tired of L4D2 and likely would have stopped playing altogether. I decided to give the big group servers a try, randomly clicked on GCFTW, and got hooked immediately. It was a great experience and the people and admins are what kept me hanging around, because it was a really cool crowd and it was a much more forgiving style of play than most versus servers. So yeah the people were pretty great (Except Peanut, that jerk) That being said, I had the sense to try to stay in the middle of the group until I learned how the maps were played in 10v10, and if I had 4 people screaming at me over the mic to do something, I listened to them, which it seems many new players do not. : P hence the frustration with a lot of new players.
  8. Will do. For those who don't know, prop hunt is a game mode (free, I might add!) where a couple players are disguised as random props and the other players have to find them and hunt them down. Looks pretty fun.
  9. Not sure if this has already been discussed, but I really want to try prop hunt on Gmod. Who here plays Gmod? I'd like to get a group of 5-6 people together for it.
  10. Banana


    This thread makes no sense to me.
  11. I need to get better at hunting. Seems to be the way to go for getting a lot of points quickly, but i can never hit who i'm aiming at.
  12. Welcome back from your two day adventure!
  13. Put a banana in your ear: I put this as my steam name as a total joke from the charlie the unicorn youtube videos. Now I figure most people on the gc server know me by that name so I don't want to confuse everybody by changing it.
  14. As one of the "newer players" who started playing in the last year, I don't really have much experience with the server's "good old days". I will say that in the year i've been around here, I've really enjoyed the server, playing on it, and getting to recognize some faces around here. During the day, the server does tend to be chaotic as not enough regulars are on, but in the evenings, when both teams get filled, its a great time and I don't see things go downhill as much. Sad to see any regulars depart the server for any reason, because it is great to play with the regulars and play well. More admins would likely help.
  15. Figured out my problem. I changed my name to bananadan and had no problem connecting. Apparently the server thinks the name "put a banana in your ear" is a dirty phrase in it and kicks me automatically. lol
  16. Cool, thanks man. Here's what I'm seeing in the console: Player put a banana in your ear.gc <STEAM_1:0:27226988> connected from country United States #Cstrike_TitlesTXT_Game_connected Receiving uncompressed update from server FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE prevented server running command: bind FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE prevented server running command: bind FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE prevented server running command: bind FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE prevented server running command: bind FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE prevented server running command: bind Disconnect: You were kicked for swearing too much. This is a clean server. Disconnect: You were kicked for swearing too much. This is a clean server. CAsyncWavDataCache: 10 .wavs total 0 bytes, 0.00 % of capacity Duplicate sequence 3 in sheet file BinkOpen( c:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\media\l4d2_background04.bik )
  17. Hmm, having a weird issue. Tried logging on today for the first time in a few days and I'm automatically kicked for "swearing too much"? Lol
  18. I need to join in this. I'm terrible at pouncing.
  19. I've seen both ways. Sometimes people are willing to swap and sometimes they aren't. Unfortunately swapping players usually doesn't seem to work just because instead of one or two players getting swapped over, it seems like all the best players usually go over and then the teams become totally unbalanced in the opposite way. I do think that is usually a better choice than completely scrambling both teams, though.
  20. At the time, I didn't bother saying anything but this seems like a good time to mention a related issue I had. About a month ago I was playing Death Toll and we had mostly newer players. We were down by about 1000 pts, but we got to the choke point with the smokers, and I got a campaign tank and managed to wipe the enemy team there. So we had a legitime opportunity to make up our points if we all got to the safe room. But what happened is that two players on my team proceeded to run through the choke point and rush (and die, incidentally) even before the rest of the team was hurt, while I and the other regulars tried desperately to save the mostly newer players on our team. We failed and the whole team got destroyed there because of those two rushers. One of those two was a new player and the other one was Chick. And the rushing was torally unecessary. We called her out on it but nothing came of it. As a contributing member and regular, in general I love Gcftw and love the community and I've usually seen nothing but the highest professionalism from admins, and I co.mend them for that. But that particular incident really bothered me.
  21. Pet hamsters are good sources of wisdom. This video is from an older version of the game, but it shows the gameplay well.
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