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Titanfall worth it?


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So I've been considering getting Titanfall but not sure if it's worth it. I could buy it for either xbox 360 slim or PC, however if I buy for xbox I need to get a controller with it as well. If I buy for PC then I need to buy some extra hard drive space because mine is almost maxed out. Before I do that though, has anyone played it? Is it worth it, it is EA after all...

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I don't see it as being worth it. You can play plenty of free large mech games already. That's the only part of the game that stands out to me. I have watched about 6 hours of game play by streamers on twitch and they all say it is just CoD on steroids with big robots.

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Played the beta. Game is fun and fast paced. There is alot of vertical movement since you have double jumps, wall jumps, wall runs, etc. The Titans add another level to the game and could be controlled or set on AI. They are like Tanks/Helis/Jets from BF and can decided who will win the map if they are not destroyed.


I ilke the movement in the game, it is very fast and reaction based. Adding verticle mobility makes maps feel bigger but they maps felt small to me still (in the beta anyways). Being mobile allows you to disengage a firefight and use your surroundings to quickly reset it when your facing another pilot or trying to flank a titan.


But, for me I don't think its worth it since I am not a fan of the Titan aspect of the game.

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I've been playing all week and think it's great. I've never been a lover of COD and when I bought BF3 I played for like 10 hours and stopped. Both just bored me. Titanfall is just so much fun to kick back and play. It's always exciting and just plain good old fun as opposed to CS which is fun in an intense / stressful way.


I don't know if I'll play more in 6 months time but it's certainly worth the 50 I paid. If you need more HDD space, you can't really consider that part of the game's cost. That's pure potential right there. Also note that I've been playing on PC with a controller, though my GF uses mouse / keyboard. Both have their perks and can't go wrong either way.

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Ok one more endorsement.


The game just gives you this grand sense of power accompanied by a feeling of unbridled control. Everything feels tightly crafted and balanced so even the seemingly impossible can be done (take down a mech flying through the air like a madman).


People make comparisons to COD but that is somewhat unfair. Sure, a lot of the core structure (perks / modes / the feeling of the guns) are there, but the feel (movement, mechanics, flow of the game as dictated by the directives and strategic deployment of the mechs) make this a beast of its own.


I think this is reflected by how much the gamers I've seen generally suck at the game since launch this week. Players are slowly adapting to the verticality of the maps and becoming more adept at transitioning in and out of the parkour. Players who mostly squandered the mechs on day 1 are learning how to use them longer and more effectively. I for one am excited to see how good people will get in the next couple of months once we learn how to exploit the game's design.


Edit: double posted somehow

Edited by Barashin
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You're about to get another WalkingCat.


I completely agree with Barashin. I played in the beta and have been playing the game since launch. I'm not much of a mech game type person, but it feels very natural getting in and out of Titans. And it is no COD, that is a very silly comparison. You definitely have to enjoy a multiplayer game because there is no singleplayer campaign(like CS).


I'm having so much fun with how different the environment is and how fast paced the action is. Like Bara it definitely takes some getting used to since the verticality changes the game immensely. The Titans are so fun to control and can change the tide of a battle if you have a team who knows how to use them well.


I love when an opposing team member hops on my Titan trying to take it down, I get out, kill them and then hop back into my Titan. It's so fluid. I'm having a blast with this game and I'm surprised not many GC people are playing this.


Give me your Origin name Barashin I'll add you :cool:

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TItanfall is awesome. Comparing it to CoD with mechs doesn't do it justice. Just read some reviews out there for pc. I love it. The mechs are fun. The free-running is awesome. And theres less camping and hiding because of the free movement.

Barashin i'll definetly add you on origin.

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1: Counterstrike

2: ....

2. Call of Duty 4

3. Team Fortress 2

4. Titan Quest

5. World of Warcraft

6. DoTA

(Those ones havent been around for 10 years yet, but they're close)


EDIT: Though I dont know if you wanna count WoW. This why I hate Dedicated Servers, youre screwed once theyre gone. I always go back to playing old games, like I always go back to watching old movies or listening to older music. Just because its old doesnt mean you should stop being entertained by it.

Edited by ValenAlvern
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I really want to try it but with it being on Origin...I just don't want to deal with another headache.


For those whose still interested, this looks like a pretty good deal on Neweggl; Xbox One with Titanfall Bundle for $500 (screw the .01 marketing)



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