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There was a problem with the old whitelist when the server got updated to 1.7.9

I have put in a new whitelist and have added what I believe to be all the currently whitelisted people.

if you are not white listed and you believe this to be in error please post and I will add you as soon as I can.





we can also use this the be the new white listed thread.


Looking to play some Minecraft? Look no further! GC has a whitelisted (means the server is private) Bukkit server.

If you want to play with us, then post below with your Minecraft name. If you're new on the forums, maybe throw in some info such as who you are or who you're wanting to play with, that'd help us out a lot!

To get on the whitelist, players need to post for themselves--no asking for a friend to be whitelisted. Parents, we'll make an exception here for your young kids. He/she won't have to have a forum account... but you will be responsible for making sure your son/daughter follows the rules.

Posting here means that you have read, understand, and will follow all of our community rules (read below):

This is a revised set of rules for conduct in GC servers. It's subject to change, clarification, or explanation. These rules should be applicable to all games. This forum should be a place for rules and rulings to be discussed.

Respect others by
* not deriding other players for their shortcomings
* not whining about other players' success or your own failure
* not insulting others

Be polite by
* not using foul language or pornography
* not making racist, sexist, or otherwise bigoted comments
* not intentionally disrupting gameplay

Show sportsmanship by
* being gracious as a winner and as a loser
* making an effort to help your team win
* not exploiting weaknesses in the game to your advantage

Keep your screen names in line with the above. We'll let a little innuendo slide, sometimes, but generally we'd rather you'd keep it classy.

Basically? Are you being a dick? If yes, then stop. If no, good job!

Follow the above rules and you shouldn't have any problems... but since this thread is specific to the Minecraft server, here are a few additional rules:
* no intentional killing of other players without consent
* no stealing or destroying other players' items or animals
* no griefing

Thanks, and happy mining!



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in game name radical? you may be whitelisted already if you were on the other server


I added radical187 hopefully that is the correct name, if not I can change it


 also added Gram


in game name - sikamikaniko

Edited by Tirtul

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