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For those who are Too Good for L4D2


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For any of you who believe yourself to be highly skilled or better than a majority of the players who play on the Gamers Coalition 10v10 L4D2 Server, beware for there is a high probability that you will be banned by the admins....

Even if you had a video camera behind you streaming everything you were doing and showing how good you were, you would still get banned because according to the programmer and board member of the L4D2 server streaming does not prove anything.
5:54 PM - Deadlock: yo 
6:12 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS is now Online. 
6:12 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: sup 
6:17 PM - Deadlock: wanted to talk about my ban 
6:16 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: mhm? 
6:18 PM - Deadlock: well first i wanted to exactly what cheat you thought i was using 
6:19 PM - Deadlock: noone ever specified what you guys claimed i was using 
6:19 PM - Deadlock: know* 
6:21 PM - Deadlock: because the fact that noone ever said anything about it is kind of weird considering the fact that every other ban about someone cheating always said specifically what they were using 
6:21 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: i saw aim assisance. others said wall hacks but i didnt see that 
6:24 PM - Deadlock: okay so you think i use aim assisstance 
6:27 PM - Deadlock: now i can get that you and others would think that but i can assure you that i have never used any form of cheating 
6:32 PM - Deadlock: okay so if you really think that im cheating why not let me prove to you im not 
6:32 PM - Deadlock: i know my friend talked to you about this and i cant exactly remember what you said but i know you said that that you were not going to allow it 
6:33 PM - Deadlock: but i dont exactly see the benefit of saying no 
6:33 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: streaming doesnt prove anything 
6:34 PM - Deadlock: how does it not prove anything? 
6:34 PM - Deadlock: its literally the next best thing to proof other than having someone come to my house and see that i dont cheat 
6:34 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: because its possible to be good and cheat. we have demos with proof you are cheating. the only thing that can change that is reviewing the demos and finding something else 
6:35 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: please dont waste my time 
6:35 PM - Deadlock: but thats the thing though
6:36 PM - Deadlock: you dont have proof 
6:36 PM - Deadlock: you're "proof" is just an opinion 
6:36 PM - Deadlock: you don't know that im cheating 
6:36 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: correct 
6:36 PM - Deadlock: you "think" im cheating 
6:37 PM - Deadlock: im trying to show you that i dont 
6:43 PM - Deadlock: why are you so afraid of letting me stream? 
6:43 PM - Deadlock: if you're so sure that im aim hacking then why not see for yourself when im playing 
6:43 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: because it doesnt prove anything and its a waste of my time 
6:44 PM - Deadlock: how does it not prove anything? 
6:44 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: if I robbed a store yesterday and the police were trying to prove it was me, me sending them a video of myself today not robbing stores does nothing to prove I didn't rob a store yesterday 
6:45 PM - Deadlock: that analogy has nothing to do with the problem right now 
Now i would like to let you know that these admins are not Valve. They do not have a program like VAC that catches when someone is cheating. There was no anti-cheat program that actually caught this so called "aim assistance". All of their "proof" is based off of what they saw and what they believe is some form of cheating. And when I say aim assistance , i dont mean aimbotting. According to our esteemed Crasx, he did not think I was using aimbotting, if fact he even admitted that there was no legitimate proof that i was cheating in any way. All they had were opinions from him and the other admins who viewed the demos. Opinions from some admins who I can confidently say were slightly if not completely biased towards believing that I was a cheater.
6:46 PM - Deadlock: you're assumption that im cheating is based off of you seeing me hit a shot or multiple shots that you thought were questionable 
6:46 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: no its based off crosshair movement i saw 
6:46 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: not kills 
6:47 PM - Deadlock: what crosshair movement? 
6:47 PM - Deadlock: me flicking my mouse around? 
6:47 PM - Deadlock: i do that in every game 
6:47 PM - Deadlock: i explained that 
6:47 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: nope, other stuff 
6:47 PM - Deadlock: like what? 
6:48 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: like how your crosshair moved in certain situations 
6:49 PM - Deadlock: yeah but like how? 
6:49 PM - Deadlock: how does crosshair movement prove that im aimbotting 
6:49 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: i didnt say aimbottintg 
6:50 PM - Deadlock: you said aim assisstance 
6:50 PM - Deadlock: what other aim assisstance is there? 
6:50 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: i guess thats technically the same term 
6:50 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: but really, wasting my time here 
So according to Crasx, my ban was enforced because my crosshair movement was fishy. But what does that really mean? My first thought was that he thought I was wall hacking by moving my crosshair to an infected when they were ghosted, but he had already confirmed that wasn't the case. So I asked him what he meant by that and instead of answering the question he said this...
6:51 PM - Deadlock: you never answered my question 
6:51 PM - Deadlock: how does my crosshair movement probe anything? 
6:51 PM - Deadlock: prove* 
6:53 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: mhm 
6:54 PM - Deadlock: and? 
6:56 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: and? 
6:56 PM - Deadlock: are you gonna answer? 
6:56 PM - Deadlock: what does my crosshair movement have to do with me cheating? 
6:57 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: no, i tend not to answer dumb questions 
6:57 PM - Deadlock: how is it a dumb question? 
6:57 PM - Deadlock: im genuinely curious 
6:58 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: well, when a person cheats it sometimes affects their croshair movement 
6:58 PM - Deadlock: okay...like how? 
6:59 PM - Deadlock: what was i doing? 
7:03 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: nothing this is all just a giant conspiracy 
7:04 PM - Deadlock: whats a conspiracy 
7:04 PM - Deadlock: im asking a question 
7:04 PM - Deadlock: and you're avoiding it 
7:05 PM - Deadlock: if its not a conspiracy then answer the question 
7:05 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: it is a conspiracy 
7:06 PM - Deadlock: uh huh 
7:07 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: gues you will just have to play csgo 
So instead of answering the question, he completely avoided it and replied thusly. Now interpret this however you like but I guess I can't play counter strike in gc either, since my "aim assistance" will just get me banned anyway. Wouldn't even matter if i streamed it, the admins have spoken. For those of you who have been called a cheater on the server, you may want to be a little cautious, because the next time to do anything wrong or slightly out of line, the rulers of this server may just decide to kick you out of their precious server. And forget trying to prove your innocence. because apparently any attempt of proving yourself as skilled is just a "waste of time".
For those of you who would like to see the full conversation, you can check it  out on my profile here ---> http://steamcommunity.com/id/RockandRebellion/
Here are screenshots of the steam conversation here as well...
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GC Alumni

just to reiterate or clarify without even reading what he posted. We have had multiple demos taken that have been questionable. None of them have been conclusive, albeit fishy. there was one taken recently that showed, to me, some level of aim assistance.


saturday night i'm just trying to unwind. I work as hard as I can during the week and just  last thursday spent the night tending to my girlfriend in the ER where she was screaming in pain. the last thing i want to deal with right now is a cheater bugging me about all the details about their ban.


and for the record there are multiple discussions about the pro players in our l4d2 server. The only bans that have come about are murderin and deadlock. we have fbi files on all of you, and I love you all.


but really as it stands now. Multiple admins call hax. Multiple say no hax. I am on the hax side. And I''d love to review the demos when I have time. but really, deadlock, if you are some insane kennys level player - don't waste your time on l4d2.


if you have questions please ask.

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Fk sez Crasx be drunk and was yelling. Now he's using his inside voice (mostly...)
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So there has finally been some truth about my ban. NOTHING CONCLUSIVE. THANK YOU, that is better than leaving me in the dark. However, the conversation itself has many points that should have been read, not simply ignored followed by a post.


You use your saturday night's to unwind, from busy weeks, I work in the mornings and I want to relax and play games. And I know i'm a good player, it isn't about me simply wasting time on gc. I find relaxation from playing in the l4d2 servers. When I want to tryhard me and my friend go into cs:go matchmaking where we deal with some really ignorant and childish people. Which can lead to frustration, and then on my offtime I come to relax and unwind and play in a server where there is constant action occurring, that lets me just not worry about anything else.


Based on your current situation, I agree, the last thing you should have to deal with is someone you think cheats. You clearly stated that there is no conclusive evidence, yet you continue to label me as a cheater. I can do the same and label you as abusive. Your anger being taken out on me based on what is occurring to you in real life and emotionally. Something that an admin should not be.


Clony, someone that agrees with everything you guys say, yet he is free to play. Myself, someone who argues and isn't the kindest person, I am man enough to admit my faults that I could be a better person in the server. But I get banned, where-as clony doesn't?


This isn't a matter about admins needing to choose sides, I have stated that I can stream myself. Your accusation of me, was aim assistance. I would go out of my way, to buy 3 cameras, 1 to see me. 1 to see my mouse movement, and 1 that is behind me looking at my monitor, and have all 3 displayed. You can clearly see my entire playstyle, and how I do what I do. Prior to even launching l4d2, I can show you all my processes in my task manager if necessary. I am willing to go to such great lengths to show and prove that I am not cheating. Something I shouldn't have to do. VAC knows I don't cheat, and yet I am banned, abused by your assumptions.  I am simply wanting to be unbanned, and I can stream everytime I play in the foreseeable future, so that everytime there is something questionable, you can always look on my stream to know there is never anything fishy. Is that truly too much to ask? 

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I've said it once and I'll continue to say it... There should be a player of skill who is unbiased review it. Outsource from GC because everyone seems to have deep roots now-a-days... But then again what does that prove because even great players question some plays that other great players make. Abusement showed me a clip from of Swat i believe from his YouTube of what he claimed seemed to be some sort of aim assistance (this was sometime ago. Maybe a year or so ago). I wasn't sold on Swat cheating just as I am not sold on Deadlock cheating. Basic players making basics plays and getting shut down by a player that is far from basic.


It happened to me, players caught on to the same old moves I got comfortable with and started shutting me down. I went from maintaining a 40+ ppm to struggling to keep a 30. New spots and impromptu attacks have me back pushing 40 ppm. It wasn't easy, it didn't happen over night, but eventually after persistence I was able to do it. I get wrecked I don't call hacks (if I do it's just to troll), I go figure out what I'm doing wrong.


Tips: Don't pre-spawn. Don't rocket to the maps ceiling (sarcasm.. don't rocket super high). Attack out of the better players field of view (typically a good spot is from behind, and far enough off as to not get caught making your choice of infected spawn noise). The most annoying player to date for Gandalf is *DAMMITCARLOS* he may not wipe or always get tank, but he doesn't rocket and booms over edges completely unexposed. That gives him the ultimate advantage on not being shut down. Also, try Mr. House and others tactic of booming the person. 10/10 there will be a significant difference in the person's ability of shutting down attacks.


As of late when I play the other team rages and the servers die. I seriously get called out by players of all skill levels from anything such as hacking to being a complete overkill tryhard. I am told that I ruin the game for others. Am I too good? People leave rather than play against me now (and again I'm referring to players of all skill level). Do I cheat? I assume everyone has seen or heard of my stream whether it be good or bad things, but one thing that you will know I do bad and I miss shots. You know this simply because I streamed all my games not just good ones. The most kills Deadlock has recorded in a game is about 140. The most kills I've recorded in a game exactly 168. What's the point? If Deadlock streamed you'd see him miss, you'd see his bad games. One simply records demos of Deadlock's good games and deems him a cheater. Sounds fair. *Correct me if I'm wrong.. When you spec someone isn't there some lag in what you see that isn't entirely compensated for? Meaning everything that you see is a tad bit off. I'm pretty sure it is on my screen. 


How can someone so good with infected (to be specific boomer, and godly with hunter) need cheats as survivors . I'm not saying that being good at one side has a direct correlation with playing the other side but it's pretty darn close. Or wait.... Is he using some sort of *external assistance* to play his hunters? Ok admit it.. @Deadlock You're really the worlds first functioning  AI.. With all seriousness being good with infected is normally a direct tell to how you are with survivors. Most players are better with survivors because killing is easy. In every case of L4D2 from pubs, pugs, to GC players exceptionally good with infected are even more amazing with survivors. 


P.S. He plays an awesome tank. Ask any good player what that means..

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Cogent and literate writing. I like.


Cancer and moar have had me distracted from these parts for a while - let me poke the beehive and see if we can't get some things better resolved and or fixed. Prob not tonight as I has a tired. Also I need to read the backstory.


But I'm down for watchin' some Twitch.


Irrelevant Thought: 2007 and I'm streaming speed runs from archive.org on my big screen projector of long donkey FPS Adventure games like Indiana Jones, etc because I just wanted to unwind after a long week and would rather just watch someone play than do it myself. Thought it be nice if we could get people to do this stuff but include the cut scenes so it'd be like a movie. Also thought it would be nice to have a better repository of this stuff.


And then I never thought of it again until someone made Twitch and became millionaires by making YouTube for gamers.


@eg: Not a bad thought. Who would we ask?


Leaving thread open for now, if it gets closed no worries, it'll re-open.

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Hey... It's a shame that this has to be my first post on this forum.  Just reading the chat history, I almost feel bad for deadlock because of how inappropriately this situation has been handled...  For the longest time, he is not allowed to know the details of his ban which apparently is still inconclusive.  Not only that, the admin's response to him trying to seek his justice hasn't been the most respectful (i.e., 'I don't answer dumb questions', 'I don't have time for you', 'go play cs go'). 


I don't pretend to know how it feels like being an admin, but as a member of this server, I just hope that you (and by this, I mean all the admins) genuinely cared about your members.  We are people, too, people with stressful lives who feel spending a few hours on the server killing zombies and conversing with friends a nice way to pass time.  And no, just simply saying you love us all isn't enough to cut it. 


Anyways.... other than that I really enjoyed playing with everybody on the server. and thanks again for putting up with my poorly played Tanks.   :\

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My Problem with Deadlock is the attitude.  You come here attacking a Board Member?   You think you are above everyone else?   You are not the best, and more importantly, your attitude will get you nowhere.   


I will lay it out.  We have demos from a year ago until now from multiple sources that have been collected weekly.  Many players submit demos and want to remain off the record.  Thats a lot of demos from people who want to stay out of it, but submitted demos.  Your peers are a few who defended you .  We have a lot more members who submitted something about you cheating .  WE watch these videos with tools and super slow mo speeds.  We watch them over and over, and approx 10 admins at a time review.  


We have a lot of demos that we feel you were "lucky" which is what Crasx is saying and we agree a good player would know where to look.  But we have demos that everyone agrees you cheat. For example,  Not just looking at 2-3 spots.  But actually aiming through a bridge at the exact spot where you could have 300 feet of spawn.    Shooting a hunter that are off map while boomed and more.   If this was another server, this would not be a conversation.  But you choose to continue this.  


You were busted cheating.  You are not the first or last.  Attacking GC as above will not get the ban removed. 

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Hello (sorry for bad English)


to admins: 


You may not know me because of my multiple accounts. However, I've played a lot of LFD2, over 2k hours in GC. Over this period of time, I've learned a lot of mechanics of the game, inquiring how certain people have their distinct style, mouse/kb optimizations, upgrading my hardware,  etc. All of which made my gameplay performance improve by a tenfold (even though I still suck). I believe Deadlock has attained the pinnacle of these factors (or close to), meaning he knows what he's doing in the game. Though I can't assure you that he isn't cheating, I've spectated his some csgo gameplay via ThugTear's csgo stream on twitch, and his aim is superb. I don't know Deadlock personally, but it seems the admins have reached a verdict of him cheating. And from my point of view, it seems Deadlock was treated unfairly. 


Some points to consider:


1.) There is a small percent of pro's in the server. These people have more depth and knowledge about the game, ideas that average members do not know. The pro's in the server have more background to know what cheating in LFD2 look like, they are constantly improving their gameplay, as opposed to someone who just goes to chat on mic. 


2.) This is going to sound harsh, but I certainly believe some (if not most) admins are incapable of judging what a lot of skilled players do. Especially if some of them hate people who use hunters, you simply cannot trust their judgement. In fact, I think a lot of admins don't have adequate judgement skills. Look, the reality is the admins are hard workers at what they do, some have 15k hours in L4D2, other admins you see online 24/7. This means jack for this situation, nonetheless. The situation at hand calls for more substantial discussion and review (NOT exclusively by admins, but by members of high skill too). Which leads to point 3.


3.) From the previous posts, it seems these demos are exclusive only to admins. I think Deadlock has a right to see these demos because he can, at most, justify what the admins thought of cheating. If you're that headstrong about not opening demo to the people (especially to the person involved), then you can't just shrug it off as "whatever, go play csgo something ya cheater". That's immature, and trying to win people over by sympathy is not for this situation. If you don't have time to review something, say so politely like Peanut. And that also means, not banning Deadlock until it's extremely likely that he cheats on account of not just admins, but trustworthy members too.


This whole incident is shady, especially the fact that Deadlock isn't liked by a lot of people. He can go live in the tribes of Zimbabwe for all I care. It's more shady by reading the above steam chat. Whether you don't like him or not, he has been a member here for a while, and a skilled one at that. So you should open up your doors and at least give me the chance to prove himself that he isn't cheating, and on top of that: not locking posts for discussion. We are told in-game when a discussion comes up to go to the forums, what then if you lock down the forums topics? Steam chat... Well, that didn't work out too well either it seems. It's time for a discussion and review because this problem concerns a lot of people, not just Deadlock. We're all here to have fun, it's all fun.


I don't know of any cheater (and I come across a lot) that goes so far to desire his plea to be answered.
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Clony, someone that agrees with everything you guys say, yet he is free to play. Myself, someone who argues and isn't the kindest person, I am man enough to admit my faults that I could be a better person in the server. But I get banned, where-as clony doesn't?


How did I get dragged into this, wait, are you saying crasx that I was banned recently? Or that time near the beginning of my playing here?

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I've haven't been entirely convinced by what I've seen.  I've always been the type of player who targets specific SI instead of all of them...namely Hunters, Boomers, and Smokers.  I want to say Deadlock does the same, unless he hears them spawn...and they do spawn in loudly (minus the Hunter).  Crosshair placement is also inconsistent.  Sometimes it waves over an unseen SI player, sometimes it's off by a bit.  From the clips I've seen, Deadlock scans his surroundings much more than your average player, from one common pounce location to another common rocket boom location...or just sits staring at an area longer than not...and coincidentally a SI player is spawned in that location.  This game is so old and overplayed now that there is no uncommon spawn spot anymore.  Players who know what to look for will find it.  It's a matter of catching people off guard now and with certain people, it's very tough to do.


So yeah, again, not entirely convinced from the evidence provided.  I just don't consider my input to be very relevant since I haven't shown that relevance on the server the last several months...and my time playing has been minimal at best.

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Shafee,  Admins are more than capable.   Please know your audience before making assumptions.  
Some are programmers, and others play a lot of games.  Some have used cheats when they were younger etc.  Some Keep to themselves,  Some are super strict.  We have all kinds of admins with different levels of skill  You cannot base game play skill to running a game server etc.    

Also, Almost every top 20 player has been reviewed for hacks.  Deadlock is not the first.  I personally have reviewed and defended many players such as Elite, Elias, General and more.  We had a couple of players use addons on server 2 that had an advantage, and they were not perma-banned.  We are not out on a witch hunt.  I personally stopped recording Deadlock because I dont care about his play skill.  But others have submitted tons of demos.   

Deadlocks aim assistance and walling is clearly on our demos.  We cannot show you because it will give away who submitted it and what we are doing to track cheater.  


Clony, someone that agrees with everything you guys say, yet he is free to play. Myself, someone who argues and isn't the kindest person, I am man enough to admit my faults that I could be a better person in the server. But I get banned, where-as clony doesn't?

How did I get dragged into this, wait, are you saying crasx that I was banned recently? Or that time near the beginning of my playing here?


You are fine.  Its that hunter trail incident.  Long forgotten by everyone.  

I dont know why It came up.

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I believe Deadlock has attained the pinnacle of these factors (or close to), meaning he knows what he's doing in the game.

I'm afraid you don't quite understand what the "pinnacle" is my good friend... It is *knowing what your enemy is going to do*. 


I had to stop there. If I feel driven to post more after I finish reading this post I'll do so.. That means i literally stopped to say that the moment i read it.


Deadlock literally studies his opponent. His defense is preemptive. He's learns you over the years he'd played here. I'm afraid that playing GC against most players is no different that reciting quotes from your favorite actors in movies, or singing your favorite songs... Attacks are so repetitive it's easy.

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Why do we keep opening this post over and over.  It's this simple.  We have reviewed demos etc.  There was a consensus that some kind of hack, exploit, cheat, etc. was probably being used.  There is no way to be 100% sure without standing over your shoulder, but if it's 90% sure then that is as close as we are going to get and let that be the end of it.  We are not obligated to show you footage, because that could give others insight into how to avoid being caught.  It's nothing personal, but a consensus was reached, the decision has been made, and arguments to the contrary are also just opinions and not substantial enough to overturn the decision.

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@turbo, I know deadlock hasn't had the best attitude, but that is not necessary in this discussion of his ban and the accusations of cheating and I guess walling.

@turbo, The reason deadlock is probably looking at hunters far far away, or worrying about them, is because do you know how easy it is to kill a hunter? 1 awp shot, on any part. 1 ak shot to the face, or I believe 2-3 in the chest. I will only specify those 2 guns, as those are generally the strongest, the m4 (cs) term for it, I forget what it is called in l4d2, is a really good gun for aim, with less recoil than an ak, and it allows for very good accuracy and precision on shots. If I had less ping, I could actually use it, But sadly I need to rely on the strength of the ak. So what is my point? A hunter, generally the better hunters, try to gain a  height by bouncing off an invisible wall FAR AWAY so that someone doesn't shoot them down, because that is one of their most vulnerable times while setting up.

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Killz,  I will answer the post with me in it.  

We all know the strength and weaknesses.  We know deadlock loves hunter.  We know about the AWP and the AK,  I agree he is smart to play the way he does, but without burying members and their demos, we cannot show you what we have.  In addition, One demo that showed me a wallhack or assistance is the bridge incident I mentioned.  

As for the attitude, it does not help him.  Ever since the Elite Twitch thing, I dont feel I need to worry about him anymore.  I personally dont care if the ban stays or is lifted.  But I do appreciate players not being a "Dou'che'"

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@everyone, fyi im not racist. that is simply what it sounds like. Sorry. Not giving someone a chance, is just wrong. Saying that just because you believe this, it should be like this. is wrong. 

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@zero, its this simple, we brought african americans to america to be slaves, why should they get freedom, end of discussion.


First of all we brought slaves from everywhere, second of all, it's all dead peoples baggage so quit carrying it, lastly your statement has nothing to do with this post.

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@turbo, I don't know the incident you speak of. But, almost any wall, in l4d2 is wallable. I know literally evvery single wall that is wallable on the l4d2 maps, I never played l4d1, so I still learn l4d1 wall spots now and then. If you could further elaborate on this incident, if he heard ANY sound whatsoever, he has every right to wall that spot. IF it is a common spot where someone may spawn, he can wall that spot. I pre-spam corners before I get to them in hallways because I know the only way a boomer can get me is by walking out. Generally I get boomed for it, But I don't need to be un-boomed to be able to see and know where I am and where my teammates are and where the enemy is going to come from.

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@everyone, fyi im not racist. that is simply what it sounds like. Sorry. Not giving someone a chance, is just wrong. Saying that just because you believe this, it should be like this. is wrong. 


We made a decision the only way we could, by weighing the evidence and reaching a consensus. Deadlock has opened at least 3 posts on this subject, it has been thoroughly discussed and a decision has been made.  Complaining about it because you didn't like the the decision is what my 5 year old does.  He has pleaded his case as he should.  It was decided the ban stays.  He was given an opportunity to defend himself and that defense was not sufficient to overturn the ban.

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Zero,  You remember that CS team that was busted cheating about a year ago (11-2014) with toggle hacks etc?  


They played in front of everyone with recordings.  Cheats can be extremely sophisticated now.  And toggled and a good player can use them correctly.  





Now back on topic.

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@zero, have you ever watched the movie 12 angry men? 1 person out of 12 believed that a person was innocent, the other 11 were ready to say that the person was guilty, only through constant talking and persuasion and bringing in logical evidence and facts, did they all end up agreeing that LOGICALLY, the person was not guilty. Sentencing someone for a murder he did not commit. that was greater than 90% of people that wanted to convict the kid.

Now you say 90% is enough for a ban? no. I want 100%, if you truly feel that he hacks, give 100% that is your job as an admin. Not to simply shrug it off, and say meh, 90% is good enough lets ban him. Well, im 90% through your heart surgery, we can end it here. You'll be alright. Slavery is 90% removed, that's good enough. right? NO. 


You say there needs to be someone standing over his shoulder? HELLLOOOOOOO, has he not offered to LITERALLY PUT A VIDEO CAMERA OVER HIS SHOULDER TO SEE EVERYTHING. 


*sigh*, I apologize for my rudeness in my posts, but this is not fair. PERIOD. 

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