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The Passion of The Christ


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Thought some of you may enjoy this commentary I just read:


Now they're threatening Mel Gibson (search).



Never mind "The Passion of the Christ" (search) will likely prove a hit, Mel taking a hit from Hollywood types.


One tells the New York Daily News he's all but a marked man. Directors will avoid him. And one goes so far as to say audiences will move on from him. No more "Lethal Weapon" sequels. No more "Signs."


Says who? Says some Hollywood honcho irked by the "Passion" or Mel's passion to make it? I just wonder whether those in Hollywood would be jawboning as much if Mel had taken on a different movie project ... Let's say, "The Passion of Global Warming" or "The Passion of Migrant Workers."


No, Hollywood selects what passions are appropriate.


Steven Spielberg's "Schindler's List" (search) rightfully commands respect. Tom Hanks' portrayal of an AIDS-ravaged patient in "Philadelphia" (search) rightfully wins kudos. But Mel Gibson talking about the most scrutinized death in history ... That's a different standard?




I don't think it's the violence or the subtitles. I think it's the subject. I think ... it's Jesus. Too religious.


Something I'd never say of Hollywood. Far easier is it for Tinseltown to make a mockery of priests than to say anything good about Christianity itself. But this isn't about Christians or priests or Buddhists or Jews. This is about one solitary life. And one horrible death.


Too horrible for Hollywood to fathom. Too big for Hollywood to appreciate. Better to put it down and exact revenge on the guy who created it than say a good word and realize that guy might have re-invented Hollywood because of it.


Some Hollywood elitists will try to marginalize Mel. Little do they know that throngs are set to see a movie that marginalizes them.

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Gibson said in his Dawyer interview he liked the directing side better then the camera side but he may come out for future roles but no time soon.


I doubt this will hurt him in box office ratings if he does do another big movie as a star. The next few weeks will really determine a lot I think. If it is as powerful as I hope then he will be set.

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i heard that this movie has the record for most presold movie tickets, ever.... :o i dont think Mel will have any trouble because though many wont see it because they will think its gonna be preachy, i think too many will see it just out of curiousity to make any difference.

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Passion-Aramaic(spoken with english subtitles)

superstar-almost comic

Passion-appalingly tradgic

Superstar-no resurrection

Passion-12 sec of empty tomb(btw sorry if i ruined the ending, but i think most people have heard of this idea anyways....)



so i guess they are a bit similar? same story? Gotta remember this time its written by as Christian, directed by a christian and acted by a christian. Its gonna have a bit more edge to it. Though I guess its not too preachy. just is what the bible wanted it to be. Gory, tradgic, tramatic, amazing, and lastly LOVE!


I hope this moie is done well, i may be seeing it on friday.

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well, if you ask me, sounds along the same lines. and how do we know that the actors in JCSS were not christians?

yes, it was a musical but i doubt they were trying to make the death of JC a comic. how could anyone? why would they show me JCSS in school if it was to make fun? (comic) i think that the movie did a great job of portraying the life and deah of Jesus. looking forward to seeing Passion tomorrow night.

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Well from what I heard, it's a 2 hour beating of Jesus.. I can't understand why someone would feel like they need to take their kids to see it. They should watch it first then decide.. It's not telling us anything new. What they wrote about is from what they understand from the gospels.. People are saying this is what happened to Jesus. How do they know? Does it go into that much detail in the gospels?


So Jane, is it what you expected? Worth the money? Alter your views in any way? You didn't say a whole lot..

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It's not telling us anything new


It's not? How can you say this without seeing the movie?


People are saying this is what happened to Jesus. How do they know?


Perhaps because they have read the gospels as well? Just thinking outside the box.


I can't understand why someone would feel like they need to take their kids to see it.


Every parent is different. Some like to let their kids play Counterstrike and other violent games.....

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Does it go into that much detail in the gospels?

on the beatings.



on the last hours of his life.



on the creative licenses Gibson took.


He did things like added Satan in different forms watching, and he made Pilate out to be more compassionate than he was.

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Ok, so I ask again, what new information is this bringing to light? No revelations. We already knew Jesus was supposedly beaten. So Soul, without seeing the movie, and understanding what the gospels say, I know that this is what the movie has to be about. we knew he was tortured. They drew all of their material from the gospels. Nowhere else. And nowhere in the gospels does it dictate how many lashings, how many kicks, punches etc. Lets get all the way outside the box?


PLayaa, was it Satan watching, or a Jew? I heard that it showed profiles of Jewish looking figures.. Is this what you are referring to as satan?

So Playaa, you've seen it? Care to share how it is affecting you?


And Soul, horrible analogy. Counterstrike is nowhere Near as intense in graphic violence as this movie. No games that I know of are. This is equal to making your kid watch a 2 hour beating of say Rodney King with supposedly more meaning. I don't think younger kids read as much into the meaning of what is on the screen. It is taken more for face value. But whatever. We'll see what people are saying. Anyone that has seen it please post your feelings.

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