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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMJxmUrNtRo
  2. at least he was fully dressed in the reflection.... but so do I, same case I have
  3. still love my Corsair 850HX I was pretty upset with Corsairs Dominator ram, but their PSUs and median ram have been awesome. ( I got into a thing with Evga and Corsair blaming each other for my ram problems after I spent about $250 for a 777 1600 ram....disillusioned me to both a little).
  4. Hhahahahhahah!! Lunk still does that?! Just sayin..... Hi guys
  5. quicky opinion: The 460 is about the same as the gtx 275 except DX11 and a slightly faster bottom end fps. I would not buy that card.
  6. Ive been seeing some odd Billboards around the capital city of Michigan lately.....thought Id post up the subject matter for some fun GC review....It only caught my attention because Im one of those odd people that sees words within words... so I saw a new drug called REACHEMOL and the first thing I thought was reach-them-all..... http://www.reachemol.com/
  7. Its like using balloons to steal bowling balls!

  8. Heya! Yeah, finding a clean (enforced) server anymore is like walking along and finding a gold nugget. Thanks for stopping by and make sure to have a peek around the forums here.
  9. Step 1- Thank God you dont live in Michigan right now. It takes a Master's to deliver a pizza at the moment... Step 2- Dont try to cow-tow or act "needy". One thing that is a big topic right now in hard-hire areas is that when the dust settles and the resumes are cleared....the only R E A L question is..... do Jay, Bob and Sandra (that interviewed you) want to see you every day and work with you, or loathe your presence and wish you'd shower more often and shut-up about news-channels?
  10. Yeah, I DO miss sniping. My ridiculous setup in HC TDM is m16 silenced open sights with ghost pro, ninja, and sleight of hand, with the strela for air targets. It can get silly. There really arent any other good guns and attachments for HC, which explains my 330,000 cod points (lol)
  11. It shows up for me fine now. I keep forgetting I want to set it up to run Array/HC-TDM only. I enjoy those, and they are always packed out.
  12. finished it and loved it.... line gun and pulse gun on the first run though ( gotta love the line-mines!)\ For the wife, this was a "play it on the 50" plasma so I can watch too!" game, darkened room, cranked surround....its a pants-pooping cocktail ! We loved them both, about to give number two a second run through. In the end, its a great game and a great series in every respect. My only complaint is that I feel that Doom 3 did a VERY SIMILAR job many many years ago. Yes, they are different games in several ways, but I found the lighting, graphics, sound, and much of the play-style very similar, and I expected more after so many years. However, they made up for slightly dated tech with an amazing storyline and a great ending!
  13. sim...either you have ignored my steam friend request for about 200 days, or I REALLY need to cancel it.... just sayin.....
  14. When my brain tries to comprehend the words "Flitterkill" and "Virginia" together, I immediately run a Deliverance banjo soundtrack in my mind, and substitute a pig for a bass. It really isnt very pretty.
  15. Laz.e.rus

    I have...

    just missed mine. Ive gone full circle lately. From 1" spikes with platinum tips to 10" blonde (naturally dark brown). I cycle seasonally for the beard, from the standard goat-sanchez to full hick-style. Last week, an ex-employee of mine saw me and said something like "O dude, your hair is too crazy...Im trippin now" (thats good right?)
  16. You overachiever, I mean, nice job n stuff
  17. Laz.e.rus

    Uh Oh

    In the spirit of the old stuff surfacing lately: Wifey told me to slow down on the Black Ops or I may suffer a sniper attack... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kU1-IkUZICI&feature=channel
  18. Im trying to make some changes there actually. Turns out that playing COD till 4 am with several drinks several times a week is actually bad for the health, family, school, etc. !
  19. adding the /connect and /reconnect was a good idea. Havent been online as much in last week, but Ill be working at starting the server more. It fills fast once there is a body or two in it.
  20. HUGE update rolling out now, include some server-side configuration changes, Heres what I found so far in steam forums 12/15/2010 New Patch Details: PC Patch 1.04 * Improved threading performance on computers with only 2 cores. * Additional performance optimizations * Added an option to pre-cache all shaders during load time. This fixes hitching related to shader compiling on some video cards when viewing an area of the map for the first time. * Fixed random freezes in certain computer configurations. * Allow Team Change on Ranked servers when it does not unbalance teams (this is a server admin option). * Allow Team Change grace period at start of match (server admin option). * Added 4 more reserved slots (server admin option) * /connect * Improved quickmatch results (server side change) * Fix for watching films through Combat Record * Fixed compassSpectatorsSeeEnemies exploit * Fixed 3rd person fov exploit * Fix for infinite supply drop exploit. * Fixed crosshair flickering when stereo is active. * Various spawn improvements * Various sound improvements * Fix for Zombies - Teammate shadows not displayed properly. * Fix for radar not staying on in One in the Chamber when it should. * In a Domination match, the Position Secured medal is no longer delayed. * 'Hardened: Equipment Shot' Challenge can now be completed by destroying a 'Camera Spike'. * Fix for choppy final killcam in dedicated servers. * Various map glitches fixed. * Weekly and Monthly leaderboards will now track all kills, deaths and assists properly (All Time leaderboards were not affected by his) * Added mixed hardcore playlist * Added mixed barebones playlist * Added 12 player versions of all playlists Rcon notes: BlackOpsRcon Version * Reduced timeout values. Connect (or failure to connect is faster). * Added all white-listed dvars for Ranked and Unranked. Admins have rcon access to ALL available dvars. * Added Settings and Console tabs for Ranked servers. * Fixes a bug where the "Server" tab doesn't update values when connecting to a new server. * Added version number to the title bar. * Fixed a bug where UI state didn't persist after switching to another server. * Added "disconnect" button. * Fixed map "set" to not use admindvar. * Changed all dvars which could be possibly float, to float. Mostly these are time-type dvars. * Fixed bug where entering a value of zero for Message Duration would cause a unhandled exception error. * Truncated all message fields to 140 chars.
  21. No, not that one I haven't. Hit the forums...there was so many problems when it came out theres fixes for a lot of stuff.
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