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  1. Crouch when shooting someone at a distance: it increases your accuracy (amazing how many people still don't know this)
  2. I expected there to be a couple of gc people in your position, hence the topic. I know a lost cause when i see one. Same reason i don't recycle.
  3. Yo So i've been kind of absent from our game servers lately. Gotten a little busy, and whatever free time i have i play Dota 2. I know there are a lot of people who are interested in trying the game, but won't because of the high learning curve. I put up this topic to poll wether there are still people in GC who want to try it. My idea would be to get a couple of people who want to learn (between 3 and 9) together in one lobby. And we just start playing. No tutorials or anything, just gc friends amongst one another. We'd all be on mumble and i'd be constantly answering questions and giving tips and so on. The places in the teams that aren't filled can be used by bots. I'm guessing there won't be enough players who want to learn the game to do this, so i put up a poll. Let me know! greets guys, miss you all The Dude
  4. Thesis finally turned in. 88 pages of pain. Will have to hurt someone if they don't pass me.

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    2. TheDude


      Haha! Not that kind of protection Merc ^^. More like: what if my crazy wife sells the house, sets it on fire, and then wants to stay in it after the divorce.

    3. TheDude


      Although in hindsight, Smith and Wesson may apply there too.

    4. Lookback


      Can you protect your home with chocolate waffles? It would be nice to have more of those around here...

  5. Yeah it's the jump key. It can get disabled in the option sometimes after an update though.
  6. The fake message thing is definitely cool
  7. What do you play on? I've looked at the game a couple of times, on the fence wether to pick it up or not.
  8. TheDude


    Sup Shadocat. I remember you
  9. I just became an uncle for the first time

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    2. Madvillain


      Oh, I mean congrats!

    3. Lookback


      Who says it is a child, Mad? It could be a monkey!

    4. Lookback


      errr, I mean congrats too!

  10. My thoughts go out to you and your family
  11. Looks amazing, i'll check it out
  12. My spies had already reported you were still alive. Still it's great to hear from you again.
  13. It's cheap for Norwegians (and other Europeans), i doubt they'll expand their system for non-EU citizens
  14. This is seriously amazing Fatty
  15. Only Talpa will get kicked for those. Anyone else is safe.
  16. Then why did i need to give you my bank account information?
  17. GC server is definitely a good place to start out i think. As the rules stand now there is no player hunting of any kind. The construction itself is the main theme. The only hunting would be amongst themselves. The server saves every block you put in it and stays saved. The only thing they'd have to know and look out for, is not to start breaking other peoples buildings. They can explore, but have to find their own patch of land to do their building. Unless i'm missing something, that pretty much sums it up. Edit: spelling
  18. We need your ingame username
  19. We made the top 10 of the world's most spectacular university buildings! :Dhttp://edition.cnn.com/2014/02/19/travel/spectacular-university-buildings/index.html?hpt=hp_bn5

    1. MasterTalpa


      ive seen better

    2. walkingCat


      pfff, i can build better.

  20. You were banned for 3 days by Chick for swearing. It will be up to her or a board member to either unban you or let the full duration of the ban run its course.
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