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  1. Ugh, i'm tired.....

  2. One good way is to put seltzer in juice it tastes similar to soda and has the same properties as water. Plus seltzer is cheaper than juice,
  3. hatter274


    Just wondering if people played tf2 round here, and it would be cool if we could get a gc server running some maps and stuff unless there's already one people frequent regularly.
  4. Thats8good0cause6im9sure most of us could count this high anyway, including me.
  5. No you have to have an m2 browning for the crap that you deal with in the city, people be crazy...... (fyi i don't live in the city nor ever have)
  6. MMMM ice cream, too much ice cream..........

    1. looneypumpkin
    2. hatter274


      it is if you see it the next morning, won't go into details, but you get the picture.

    3. looneypumpkin


      the answer is more ice cream.

  7. Have you been to America?
  8. Can you set the AI to suicide/ghost if they don't inflict damage in a certain amount of time? I'm mainly referring AI to Survivor Bots. Can you set the AI to teleport if they are a certain distance away from other players for a certain amount of time? Amazing idea, you should tell Valve about this, i'm sure they'd implement it right away
  9. Seems like a "slippery" situation coming up
  10. Sucks, but atleast you'll still have that great feeling of looking forward to something thats going to epic, like the feeling of waiting for christmas or your birthday. Also where'd you get it at? a used dealership or from someone just selling it?
  11. Cool, i'll see if I can get away for long enough. Not sure if i'll be able to though, but heres hoping!
  12. Here i got you all a ram that you were talking about, the biggest one i could find.
  13. Hey was just wondering if i'm allowed to stop by for a little bit, but not have to register or anything. I'm going to be on vacations with family close ish at the same time anyway.... Just wondering what yall thought.
  14. NOOOOOOOooooooo! Ditto, also I want to hear Kitty speak on this matter,
  15. What times are people on? I haven't played in like a year, I may if anyone is on.
  16. Hmm, I really should find out how to start a topic, anyone want to help?

    1. TheDude


      top right corner (not on the main page)

    2. hatter274


      aha!, my screen wasnt scrolled all the way to the right.

  17. Well i'm not an admin yet Peanut so it obviously couldn't be
  18. Yes it is peanut, I hereby initiate a movement to ban swatfishy from the world of everything for messing with Peanut's mind, all in favor say aye, and if not say aye aye.
  19. As survivors you generally have an idea how much hp a tank has if you pay attention to who the player is and how many people are firing at him at a time, also if the tank had been farming a lot of points if they would have a heal or not, don't really think its necessary and doubt people would buy it for 50 points when you could buy around 17 fireworks instead.
  20. Hope you will be returning soon and that all will get sorted out, good luck with whatever and feel better.
  21. hatter274


    My mind is blown....
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