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  1. What about an achievement for being the last one alive? Call it "I don't retain a lot of friends online"
  2. I'm going to be honest here, I don't retain a lot of friends online. It's just not me to form weak relationships. I want to apologize for my outrageous behavior earlier today. I have sinned. I don't know what came over me, but I did something really unacceptable. My friends mess around with Mercman for whatever reason. Maybe because he seems like he doesn't mind most of the time and they are friends with him. I thought it would be funny to use an alt account that I don't play on anymore and change my name and picture to Mercman's and post on my friends profile. I had no intentions of joining GC or acting like the real Mercman in-game, I don't even use that account to play on. Also, my friends knew that I was the fake one by the language I used. I posted lyrics from Wiz Khalifa's song "Raw" as a joke on Dhun's profile. We all know that Mercman is a gentleman in game, never cursing or using foul language. This is part of the joke, because we all know Mercman would never post such a message on someones profile. My intentions were never to hurt anyone or even tarnish the name of Mercman, but just messing around with my friends to see their reactions. I have nothing against Mercman and I'm sorry that I offended him. I have changed my steam profile picture and name on that alt account and have no intentions of using it again. I will never pretend to be Mercman again, no matter how difficult it may be. I beg you all to review this ban and consider giving me a 2nd chance. I already miss GC, I miss the feeling the warmth of Mercman's moist smoker tongue around my torso, strangling me to death while my team doesn't look back. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I will respect your decision either way. -Thug aka sox aka Muddy Waters
  3. Is there a way to completely disable player collision for survivors? Notice how when you stand inside a teammate it pushes them to the side? This can be annoying if teammates are trying to walk through the same doorway or across a little pathway. Also when you shoot at a teammate their screen shakes and makes it difficult to aim. This is the most frustrating part of it in my opinion. People think they are helping by shooting at their teammates since there is no team damage, but the screen shaking is similar to being boomed and it's pretty annoying. I tried doing some research and found these commands but I don't have a server to try them out on. I tried on a local server with sv_cheats but I don't know how to change Cvars. Maybe someone here knows. collision_shake_amp collision_shake_freq collision_shake_time phys2_hack_ignore_level_collision phys2_ragdoll_self_collision ragdoll_collide ragdoll_self_collision sv_bounce vcollide_wireframe I don't know if any of those would fix it, but thought I would just bring it up. Source: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/w/index.php?title=List_of_L4D2_Cvars
  4. So you changed nothing and this started out of nowhere? Seems odd. Try Verifying Integrity of Game Cache, also try changing aspect ratio and resolution and see if the problem remains.
  5. That won't do anything really, 1 set of fireworks or a molly destroys them. The only hordes that actually do anything in this game are ones with fire-suits, or unlimited horde for special events like the roller coaster on dark carnival.
  6. Funny though because l4d2 guns don't even have recoil. The only reason I really hate the MP5 is the reload time/animation. It's ridiculous for an SMG. IMO it should have an extra 5-10 bullets and reload faster.
  7. http://imgur.com/fGmtfrq I have used a lot, my favorites: 1. Zowie Ec2-a 2. Zowie Fk1 3. Razer Deathadder Chroma(I can see why people hate Razer products.. but this mouse is actually really good. Just use the crap synapse software to set your dpi and never use it again.) 3. Logitech G303(Really good if you can get used to the shape.. I can't) I have a few more that are not pictured, they are all pretty good(except the finalmouse 2016 tournament pro... don't even try it. It was great for the week it worked but then had major sensor problems and scroll wheel wouldn't stop scrolling down.. very annoying)
  8. Thug


    I feel like that's how the server used to be. It was more competitive, and that was what made it fun(for me at least). Finding new ways to beat the other team and trying to outplay them was why I enjoyed L4D2 for so long.
  9. Thug


    Nice, are these gotv demos or personal demos? For some reason when I tried recording gotv demos I couldn't exec a movie cfg and get rid of hud. I have some decent clips I'd like to record and test out editing
  10. What are you really saying here? Hunters should get less points because their attack is quicker than the others? They can still take up to a quarter of a survivors health away in that 1 second if done right.
  11. So you are saying a 1 second smoker should equal the same amount of points as a longer pull?
  12. So basically penalizing hunters going for damage and incaps... I don't understand this logic.
  13. Seems like the same thread every time. People that never use hunters saying they are overpowered, and people that only use hunters saying they aren't. Obviously I use hunters all the time, but I wouldn't even care if they got a slight nerf. Not cutting their points in half, but around 10 per pounce sounds right to me. If you land your first 5 high pounces in the round and don't get skeeted or even dodged a single time, the survivors are doing something wrong.
  14. Sorry to jump in, but wouldn't it make more sense to do that before banning someone? Does innocent until proven guilty apply here? Probably not supposed to post on here, and you can delete this if you want.. just thought it needed to be said. Happy Friday
  15. I'm in favor of removing AWP's from spawning in the safe room. I think that would be enough, and if it's not maybe raise the price slightly above the AK. I don't really think they are as OP as you say, it's just when certain players get their hands on one they can make it seem like that. I still think the AK is by far the easiest weapon in the game to use. I think it's a bad idea to remove all the CS weapons(besides the MP5.. that gun is complete garbage)
  16. Hunters = opportunity for most points... you're going to kick people because they are using a certain class? What's next? Are you going to kick someone for trying to throw rocks as a tank and missing those? Aren't they rock training? Maybe don't get mad at the players, get mad at how the server is setup. (3) 25 damage pounces = tank.. and around 20 boomed survivors = tank. Those are by far the fastest ways to get tanks. And let's be real.. to wipe in this server you need tanks. Rarely does the infected team wipe with just setting up as you would on a 4v4 server.. it's extremely hard to coordinate an entire infected team to take down 10 survivors which is why half the server has resorted to trying to get sky diver.
  17. STEAM_1:1:43067424 Name when playing: sox Why you were banned: "aimbotting" Who banned you: Turbo Why do you think you should be unbanned?: Because I never cheated. I hopped on l4d2 tonight to have some fun.. I am messing around and having a jolly good time. I am playing pretty average for my standards but hit some nice shots as survivor. I kill turbo rocket spawning as a boomer with an AK and laser.. I see him go to spec and type !who (as always) and laughed. I knew he was going to spectate me, so I just start flicking my mouse around to infected to act like I had an aimbot.. obviously I didn't because I wasn't hitting every shot... I don't really know what else to say.. I was just having some fun. I did absolutely NOTHING wrong and was wrongfully banned. I would love to see this evidence Turbo collected within the >5 minute time period he spectated me in. Please feel free to post it here to the public, I don't mind.
  18. I don't care about the snow, but can we get rid of the green presents? They are ugly and worthless.
  19. I'll donate ny karambit blue steel Kappa For real though I might be able to send some skins, even though I probably won't even play.
  20. The sound in csgo has always sucked in my opinion, but I haven't noticed any change this update besides when you jump you sound like a horse and classic 1.6 pew pew sounds when bullets fly by you.
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