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That was the best time ive had playing CS in a long time, especially with the whole family in there.


I agree with the health, 30 was good, maybe try 20 or 25 next time.


The only thing I can say is that even maps are more important, Dust is the crappiest map ever under normal conditions, its even worse for T's in this format. I thought Pira was fun, so was Office.


Hopefully this will be a weekly thing!!!!

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Hey, I'm ALL for earlier.....that's late for me as well.


All I know is that for 3 rounds in a row, the USP SNIPA had a blast! One shot one kill with a silence USP....hiding...I wish I would have recorded those three rounds...so funny. Dink.....dink......dink....

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Should have X pin up a how to in the admin forums.


I know how to hardcode the script that's used, but I don't recall all the commands.


When we mess with our dedicated server....if we have BW and CPU to spare, we could consider giving this a full time shot. Personally, I enjoyed mowing 3 people down with a SMG like I would expect it to happen in real life. Now, I don't spend too much time imagining mowing people down in real life, but I think some of our biggest disappointments come when we either don't quite get that 8th bullet into someone or the point blank shots to the back don't end up doing enough damage.


Case in point...that night I came around on train and found 3 guys facing away from me guarding the outside side....I took em all down before they could even turn....


Now, granted...doing this too much could REALLY mess up your normal CS play.....

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I enjoyed the mortal combat thing but would not like it to happen when a couple of people get it in their head to do so. When I play on the servers I like to play normal CS. It really irks me when the map gets swapped to awp_india or scoutknives because someone brings it up. Just would like that said.

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<reminds self to never teleport farmer.....ever>

LOL the only time I ever got angry with Shodan was when he was on a teleport binge... one person on every respawn. Finally got to me and put me right in T spawn as a CT. :bang::bang:


HAHAHA... but a really good one (from a long time ago): Lunk teleported me as T into CT spawn... and I had the bomb. It was hilarous because you can hear me on the mic.

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