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GC looking to play WoW


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If you have been thinking of trying WoW or if your a vetran and have

been thinking of having another go at it, NOW is the time to do it.

Shazz & I just started characters and are going be leveling them for the next few

weeks. I would love nothing better than to have a GC guild. I have been

avoiding taking a leadership role as much as possible but for this I will go

all out. (the first GC guild collapsed & reformed....soap opera) A number of

people have contacted me regarding the GC guild, if you want to play now is

the time to start a new character fresh. Get in there & add me to your friends list

"wayfarergc" We are alliance on the anvilmar server. Oh & BTW there is nothing

like going into warsong gulch (CTF) with your guild on TS and absoloutly dominating

the entire time that your on!


Shazz lvl 7 priest

Wayfarergc lvl 6 rogue

server: anvilmar

faction: alliance

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too late for me. I learned my lesson. I'd only play it again if I got another month's free for referring someone, otherwise, no.


How long do you get for referring me to the power box for Blizzard's servers? :D

Every person you refer to play WoW gets like a free month. They have to register and whatnot in order to get it though.

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GC Alumni
i need the cd's, i dont wanna spend 50 bucks again :(



can i download it online? like pay to download and not get cds?

goto direct2drive.com, they're selling it for 20 bucks



I think you can download their client from the WoW website too...


bah, looked at their referal thing, it's garbage. you have to get the friend to upgrade to the full game...

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