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Swords and Sandals


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Awesome Strat......


make a char. with 10 Charsima and your taunts will push them back, make'em fall, or do damage. I killed the first 3 guys and 1st champ with taunts. Since Charsima is high everything is really cheap so you can get good armor fast. eventually I raised Stamina and Vitality before I began working with strength and attack.


Well that didn't work at all..


They ended up lunging at me and cutting off my arm..


Edit: ARGH! Had this one guy down to 4 hp and I had 28 and so he hits me for 29 or something.. ARGH!

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I got to play a Demo for 2 and I have to say it imrpoved on a LOT of things.


It was easier to beat people with lower attrubutes than you.




Thee were so many new things, my favorite though was the ranged weapons.


You can hold 2 weapons now, I chose one ranged one close. (cant weild both at the same time though)

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