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Monkey kick off


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DOesn't matter if we're all on the same field.....I'm sticking with totebo until boilersax goes down!

ah, competition. It brings out the best in everyone, doesn't it? :D


*FYI, I have been able to EXACTLY duplicate my 5612 kick, but haven't been able to exceed it. What could the odds be of hitting the exact same distance be??


maybe I should buy a lotto ticket this week...

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Why is it that even though you typed "best"...I see "worst"? :rolleyes:

that's why I said it with a smile ;)


there's nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. especially once I've beaten everyone into submission with my Monkey Kick Off superiority :biglaugha:

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Also, Boiler's has been reviewed: FOOTFAULT!

:o LIES! :o


Also, upon review of the provided evidence, I shall henceforth share my throne of superiority with Shaft. I'm still wearing the crown though since I did it first. You get to wear the tiara.



*take heart, I still suck at CSS. easy kill for you there!

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At this time I would like to announce my retirement from the game of Monkey Kick-off.


I would like to read a speech I prepared:


"And that's it. I know I can play. But I don't think I want to."


"I'm going out on top. Believe me, I could care less what other people think. It's what I think and I'm going out on top."


"I'm not up to the challenge anymore. I can play, but I'm not up to the challenge. You can't just show up and play for three hours on Sunday. If you could, there'd be a lot more people doing it and they'd be doing it for a lot longer. I have way too much pride. I expect a lot out of myself. And if I cannot do those things 100 percent, then I can't play."



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