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Battlefield 3?


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Wouldnt be able to mod it... you could but, anyone caught playing in it will get their Origin account banned.




Only applies to the Beta (for now), wait and see till the full game release to see if DICE/EA will keep this policy. It makes sense in beta, but if its kept in the full release it'd be a bad move.

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I would be in on a Battlefield 3 server - the game is amazing and in order to establish a server population, now would be the time to do it. The major problem I see with this, is that all of the major BF2 clans like digital anarchy, etc. that established themselves in the previous game will garner most of the connects for BF3. That said, with 3 million pre-orders alone, there should be no shortage of those looking to give PC multiplayer a try. Let me know what the consensus ends up being and if it's yes, I would be willing to help out, as I have experience adminning on BF2 servers. I would also throw down some funds for the first couple months to see if it got popular.

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Very imminent but since server will live on the same VDS as L4D2 does and we have to upgrade the server from Win 2003 to Win 2008 R2 I'm in a holding pattern until I can coordinate with JC.


Other than that it's more or less flip a switch and give you guys the ip/servername.


Ranked 32 players to start. Our #1 ranked L4D2 server uses 20% of the machine so we have some room to move up if needed. Naturally if this impacts performance of L4D2 it's off this machine stupid fast and we'll do a reg server or something.


Regular or Hardcore? Conquest? Rush?


I know nothing about this stuff and after Crunchy kinda/sorta volunteered he's gone away... (playing Colecovision or somesuch I would guess)

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Squad Deathmatch. /runs


The thing I like about Squad Deathmatch is that it's only 16 players. Would be a tighter experience playing with other GC folk, smaller server is more proportionate to the amount of GC people we have playing. 32 man servers are also a bummer when you're sitting in a 1/4th full server waiting for people to join. The maps are so large when the server isn't full it feels almost like a waste land.


But I'm not a GC member anymore so my opinion doesn't mean anything. :P

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