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Pray for my mom

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My mom will be having her heart stopped and then restarted on Thursday. Apparently the upper beat and the lower beat are out of sync and they are trying to get the heart beating properly. She has been lacking energy and had a hard time breathing for 6 months now, so the big hope is that she will be able to have a better health situation all-around from this. The problem is that she is 74 and has some health issues and I am concerned for her. Anyway if anyone finds a spare moment and can lift her up in prayer, I would be very grateful. Thanks guys

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Well it's 2 years later and she is having the same problem again. This morning at 10am she will once again have her heart stopped and restarted with the hope of regaining a proper rhythm. I would appreciate your prayers for her as she is 76 and anything involving anesthesia is always dangerous. Thanks

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