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I've been getting large ping spikes lately on the servers. I could be playing normal for one moment around 60 ping, but then instantly freeze the next moment with a sudden spike to 1000+ ping. There's been plenty of times where my game would freeze for 30+ seconds with 1000+ ping during a round before my ping finally falls back to under 100, and I'm back to playing normal temporarily. 

Plus, my game loads more slowly during the loading screen, and sometimes the rounds would have already started by the time I finally load in. 

I don't think the awful lag with the high ping spikes and the slow loading are coming from my end because my game was already running fine for YEARS now (for the most part) before any of these problems started happening 1.5 weeks ago; which is around the same time that server 1 started having even more issues. I'm not the only one who's been lagging badly too on the servers btw.

Plus, server 1 keeps swapping scores 80% of the time each round too.



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Last night in server 1 we loaded up Dead Center and it did not scramble. I was able to force a scramble. 2nd round moved everyone around on both sides without warning. It was impossible to get everyone on the correct team so we just went with it. Almost like it decided to scramble during the next map load without saying anything.

@Soap it very rarely crashes from what I have seen. I mean maybe 1-2 times a week maybe?

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thanks so much for playing on server 1. i'll check out those issues this weekend and work on resolving them.


Server 1 is updated the newest sourcemod

Server 2 is running the old version we have run for years

A sourcemod update means upgrading plugins and hoping they work. In this case I needed up upgrade the backbone of the 10v10 system. This means things like team management, player defibs, witch attacks, essentially anything that involves the server targeting a player may have issues. I have a pretty good understanding of how this works, I just need time to fix it.



Also appologies, I messed up the posts when I merged the relevant thread. 

From Limi:


I don't know what's going on with the server, the lag for the past, week? has been really bad. Rubber banding all of the place, and just in general constant lag.

I'm not the only one experiencing it for sure, as lots have been complaining in-game chat and in voice comms.

Presuming this is COVID-19 related with everyone home and everyone playing, but it's really quite bad.


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