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  1. As far as I remember he was doing a law degree, and was a bit of a nut with a P90..
  2. naw, i already have a hdmi port on my monitor so I can plug it straight in... what I was lookin for was that I want to use it as my windows media player and play blu-rays thru der instead of a seperate blu-ray drive... EDIT*** FOUND THE SOLUTION [after searchin and search around] link, http://www.ehow.com/how_5108527_use-windows-media-player-ps.html it makes your ps3 your windows media player, exactly what I was lookin for lol From what I can see that's just media sharing off your PC in the same way a 360 will play video, music, pictures etc. from your PC over the network. I think I'm correct in saying that it does not work in reverse, your PC will function as a server with your PS3 being the player, you can't stream the other way...
  3. Interesting read, although I suspect the author spent too long either in or excessively close to a microwave while wearing their tinfoil hat. I'm pretty sure the heating effects of microwaves were first discovered by the allies during the second world war by accident, when they were doing research into new types of radar, or at least that's what I was taught in Physics lessons a few years ago... Microwaves aren't banned in Russia, they were for about 10 years in the early 80s. I'm also fairly sure microwave energy is non-ionizing (or non carcinogenic), but I can't find anything that suggests it's effects on food are any worse than grilling it. Degrading food, I've always been told that cooking any food lowers it's content of vitamins etc., particularly boiling. I particularly love this line: "1. A breakdown of the human "life-energy field" in those who were exposed to microwave ovens while in operation, with side-effects to the human energy field of increasingly longer duration;" I'm really impressed that they were able to scientifically measure the effect of microwaves on people's aura. The continual quoting of Russian research during the time the iron curtain was up actually puts pictures in my mind of them building microwave ovens the size of houses and testing them out on people (which wouldn't surprise me). I'm sure there's some validity in a couple of the arguments, but no comparisons are provided for reference and the whole thing seems quite alarmist. We don't use our microwave very much at all, popcorn once a week perhaps, and I would agree that if you ate a 100% microwaved food diet it probably wouldn't do you any good, but that's more than likely the nature of the food you're cooking/lifestyle you're leading than the actual effects of microwaving it.
  4. I saw that it was available and started the download, same experience as above, canceled it after 20 minutes.
  5. Keep meaning to check, but I'm pretty sure I'm listed as LevellerGC
  6. Leveller


    I don't see anything to cast doubt on those numbers, but frankly the haunting "muslim" music and tone of the speaker say a lot about the purpose of the video. It seems to me like it's trying to create a religious issue, sorry if it's not, but that's entirely how it seems to me. 31% of the UK will be Muslim, ok, and? does that mean the UK's going to be worse place? I lived there for 28 years and was recently home after a 4 year break, did make a difference, no, I somewhat doubt that it's going to make a huge difference accept for church congregations over the next 20 years, the weather will still be testing, sales tax will continue to be a minimum of 17%, a pint of beer will still be expensive... Interesting video though and worth watching, strange it doesn't touch on the growth of the worlds population outside the Western World, I honestly would have thought that to be a bigger issue, but hey ho....
  7. Been on vacation since June 4th but got back yesterday, quite looking forward to getting back into this, seems like a few of my friends I bumped into are playing it as well..
  8. Yeah, I've enjoyed playing this a lot, but would like to play with more folks, I'm signed up as Levellergc and have 3 characters, i'm guessing with the main signup name you can find people if they're online? From what I can tell x-fire is registering it, so that may be the easiest way.
  9. And Hot Fuzz.... I don't want to turn this into a Brit fest, but you can now get Spaced on DVD over here, it was the original series by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and if you enjoyed Shaun and Hot Fuzz, it's really worth seeing.
  10. I'm on it and enjoying it, quite simplistic, but I'm loving the customizations. It's very much like a cross between BF:1942 and TF2, great fun.
  11. I haven't played much of anything recently, but I did quite fancy playing some TF2 over the last couple of days and tried to join our server to see if I could other people to join, however, it is apparently running an older protocol (14) to the current client I have.... I'm sure that's not encouraging people to join and have no idea how long that has been the case.
  12. Saabs have a bit of a "academic" reputation in Europe as they (and volvos) were always driven by teachers, architects and the like who would own them until they died. However, I bought a 9-3 a few years ago that I picked up relatively cheaply to make some money on, I was driving it home and every time I put the power down the steering wheel shook, it wasn't pulling to either side and it wasn't a wheel balance issue. I thought it was very odd and spoke to three separate dealers and an independent specialist who all told me, "yeah, they'll do that under power, nothing wrong with it". They may well have ironed out this inbuilt fault since then (it was an early second generation car, turbo convertible, so probably a 2004-5), it was and I believe still is a shared platform with the G6/Malibu/Saturn Aura, but I have no experience of them here in the US and my ownership was pretty short. But I would say that it got a great deal of interest and sold pretty quickly so I can only assume they're quite desireable or the price was right.
  13. As a last resort, I'm pretty sure you can download a 60 day free trial of Office 2007 from microsoft direct. Link
  14. Maybe I've missed all of it, I went looking for custom maps night earlier, and have done so pretty much on the hour every hour since 7 cst, then guessed I'd missed it, so went looking for TF2, but I can't find anyone. Has there been an IP change?
  15. Maybe I've missed all of it, I went looking for custom maps night earlier, and have done so pretty much on the hour every hour since 7 cst, then guessed I'd missed it, so went looking for TF2, but I can't find anyone
  16. If you're definitely going to be buying new I would definitely look at "potential" residual costs when you look to change it in 3-6 years time and running costs based on where you are age and life wise. But from an advice standpoint, you should really look at picking up something 1-3 years old with low mileage, you should be able to get some great deals at the moment. I recently bought a 5 month old BMW from the dealer at about 25-30% off the new price with less than 5,000 miles on the clock. It's a great time to push on sticker prices, particularly on used inventory. I'd agree with Shoot around refinement, but having said that, if I hadn't had some of the terrible cars I had in the past I wouldn't appreciate the cars I have today in quite the same way.
  17. I haven't been playing for a while now (life interfering with play time as well, and some great couch games on the 360), but Berge thanks hugely for some very memorable and great Saturday night customs sessions. I plan on coming back to the game at some point, so hope to catch up with you online then.. Lev.
  18. Rainbow was on for years (I think it ran for about 20 years) I remember watching it as a kid, this excerpt was a one off piece they did for a sketch show and wasn't shown as part of the Kid's afternoon show. It is without doubt one of the funniest pieces of television I've ever seen and remembering the "normal" kids version it's even funnier.
  19. Well you do from my last Christmas present, but I'm not sure everyone else does.
  20. Did exactly the same thing, I think it was about $400 (could have been cheaper) including the extended warranty. I walked into BestBuy looking to spend about $1,000 on a TV for the bedroom, saw the deal on the Dynex, spoke to the guy there, and his point that "it's not quite as clear as the Samsung, but you're unlikely to have a Samsung sat right next to it for comparison in your bedroom" was 100% accurate. Couldn't actually be happier with the Dynex, they had a stack of them inside the door when we walked in and I think a promotion on them, but it was a great deal and I kind of wish I'd bought 2 of them so I could have one in my computer room rather than the 32inch CRT I have in there.
  21. Leveller


    Are you staying downtown? We are a consulting company so have a load of travellers come in and out of town, I'll PM you some stuff from our intranet. Restaurant list: Bella Café Lunch-only spot inside a spacious antique mall crammed with household ephemera. 3404 Belt Line Road Farmers Branch, TX 75234 Caribbean Grill Serves a variety of appetizers, such as Jamaican beef patties, seafood entrees, such as coconut shrimp; and the famed jerk chicken. 3068 Forest Ln Dallas, TX 75234 Country Burger All the burgers at this South Dallas institution are a gut-busting 5 inches wide and a quarter-inch thick, and arrive wrapped in folksy blue-and-white checked paper. 401 S Hampton Rd Dallas, TX 75208 Cuba Libre Offers patrons an eclectic Latin style dining experience at affordable prices. 2822 N Henderson Ave Dallas, TX 75206 Fuse This trendy downtown spot offers drink specials, caters to large groups, plays live music, and has a rooftop patio. 1512 Commerce St. Dallas, TX 75201 Hatties This quintessential new Southern bistro nestled in the Bishop Arts District strikes just the right balance with food, hospitality and comfort. 418 N. Bishop Ave. Dallas, TX 75208 Javiers If you are in the mood for upscale Mexican, but are not looking for the traditional Tex-Mex experience, Javiers is the place to go. 4912 Cole Avenue Dallas, TX 75205 La Calle Doce California-style mahi-mahi tacos, blackened salmon tacos, salmon techuacan with chipotle cream sauce and quesadillas suprema filled with grilled shrimp and black beans are just a few tasty offerings from our menu. 415 W. 12th St. Dallas, TX 75208 La Duni This Latin menu is sophisticated and in a one-word descriptor, is "exhilarating" to the senses in both atmosphere and food. 4264 Oak Lawn Ave. Dallas, TX 75219 Monica's The food is fun and unique but it is the atmosphere that sets this Deep Ellum Tex Mex staple apart. 2914 Main Street Dallas, TX 75226 Patrizio's If you are looking for a trendy location with "black tie" level service and an excellent Italian menu, you have found your destination. 25 Mockingbird Lane Dallas, TX 75205 Sushi on McKinney It's a no frills, inexpensive place to eat good sushi. 4500 McKinney Avenue Dallas, TX 75205 Thai-ffific Cuisine The food is freshly made, moderately priced and generously portioned. 3068 Forest Lane Dallas, TX 75234 Trinity Hall An Irish pub situated at Mockingbird Station that shows soccer matches and plays live music. 5321 E. Mockingbird Lane Dallas, TX 75206 Zizikis The food is some of the best Greek and Mediterranean cuisine you will find this side of the Atlantic. 4514 Travis St Ste 122 Dallas, TX 75205
  22. I'll openly admit it, I went to school with Chris Martin and their manager Phil Harvey so that probably has something to do with it. Downloaded this and really quite liked it.
  23. I've only just found the radio station but have played for hours and I honestly don't feel like I've explored more than 20% of locations. I'm officially in love with this game, my 10mm pistol and my hunting rifle. Looking forward to finding this elusive lab (maybe I've been blind, but I've been around the radio station about 15 times in an effor to find it, just hoping I do find it at some point and am guessing it's not there) so I can get the power armor training.
  24. Been having exactly the same problem so I've been off a wandering waaaay out West.
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