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  1. Is this still going on so I can participate?
  2. Geez, i have so many friends from Venezuela here in Peru, the president there is horrible. Dont you have a credit card?
  3. Come back to me my love
  4. oh my Elias please.
  5. mavC


    The games are still always unbalanced and it's not because of the hunters. I do not know how nobody has noticed yet. And please... people will still be getting pounce hard,
  6. Higher the pounce, higher the damage. Why there's still complaining if the hunter already got nerfed?
  7. Isnt chain pounce considered teamwork? Because, for me, it is a pretty good teamwork. I'm still insisting that avoiding the pounces is easier that trying to do one. Anyway, nerf is done, and i think it is ok, but is not going to do the hunters less seriously.
  8. Hunters are not that easy, it takes time to know when and how to do it, And also a well amount of practice if you want to do wall jump just as many of the guys know. Experienced players should know where's the hunters spots, so if you are still getting pounce at the same spots..... dude..... why..... Obviously new players would always be the ones who look for, but it is not just for hunters, but for chargers, smokers, jockeys, etc... A experienced player can take advantage of a new player just with a charger or a jockey. If a 25 damage high pounce isnt that much of skill, then avoiding them needs no skill at all. BTW: the hunter "get up" animation is tricky, someone needs to know exactly when to pounce when it is in animation, if not, you dont get it; except when you're getting up from a charger, thats when the aimbotting guys appear.
  9. My son is going to be called maveanut.
  10. I'm down for this. Peanut... you know i love you.... but you're going to suffer.
  11. mavC

    It's benn fun

    Real life happens. See you around.
  12. mavC

    the medpack

    I always heal swat when he has 80 hp. Because i dont want to see him hurt.
  13. I have between 180 and 240. When my ping is 160 i am really happy.
  14. Biggs, come back to game.
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