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Everything posted by HellsBells

  1. HellsBells

    Admin vs members 4/3/15 7pm central

    May be member can win this time, I'll be there.
  2. HellsBells

    Looking for 9er and rainy

    Since the other thread is locked, i'll say it here. At first I didn't want to post even when I was asked as a participant, until I read the thread. I'm not out to get you, in fact even though we have differences before, because of how you act toward new players in the past calling them names etc ( I dont see you do that anymore), I never took the evidences and report you to any admins. Its good to see that you no longer do that, people can change , so as of now i don't see any reason to go out of my way to sabotage you. So I don't see why you had to brought up your opinions about me ( yes, opinions, because we never talk ), which aren't related to that topic, in a way to put me down. I might have been bad in the past, so I keep my mouth shut in game, rarely type except game related content or telling people who break rules to learn and follow it. Anyway, it seems I wasn't telling lies in this case.
  3. HellsBells

    Unban request

    You rushed to the safe with Paintball and a new player, the only one who kept saying in mic to rush was Paint. The tank spawn as soon as we enter the tunnel, half team was bots, those that only me and rainy struggled to keep them moving with team because they kept getting pulled and charged as per myself, while the 3 of you comfortable sit in front telling us to leave them and move faster. I dont leave bots unless they in unsaveable spot, since bots are the easiest to farm point on. Also as soon as Gandalf got his achievement, you jokingly said not allowed to buy tank or you leave the game (but you did not). The reason why his cars seperated team was you 3 were in front the whole map, the cars in front aren't hitable, so of course the ppl limping in the back would get hit first. Take a look at one of Johnny screenshot, me with orange hp inside the room with a tank approaching, 3 bodies incapped in the floor right behind, and in the far distance the silhouettes of green HP survivors running. To reach that far away is only possible if you guys ran for it as soon as he spawned. I myself and rainy was only hit once by cars then he went to chase the front. During that time until you reached the safe, locked yourself in, and exchange remarks with Elite (BTW is Allowed to call each other "scum"?) , sth about him not able to catch you, no point was sent to the 2 of us, I sent all my 3 pt to rain and he bought pill, revived me, then we got caught by SI right after. Let's say its not a good idea to go pick us up while a tank is alive with cars, the least you could do was either buy molly or help shoot him. I asked Johny to ban the rushers, in his screenshots the opposite team also refered to you guys as rushers. The next map, Johnny was gone , right before we reached safe a tank was bought, and I see you again with 2 players ran n lock yourself in. The rest of team fought and killed the tank with only 1 death. Right then Johnny came back again, and only then you came outside to help. I even asked you did you came out cus tank dead or admin on, no response of course, besides 9er sarcastically said both. Tactically rushing is allowed with the blessing of the team. Turning tail and ran as soon as you see trouble isn't team work, it's called selfish. So no , you aren't innocent.
  4. HellsBells

    Admin vs Member Night 1/17/15 8pm EST

    Funny I remember a game of Dead Air in which I killed /finish you off every map Lil Pea.
  5. HellsBells

    Oneplus one

    There's left handed setting under Button
  6. HellsBells

    L4D2 Tournament SIGN UP!!

    Hnnn http://gamrs.co/forums/index.php?/pages/sourcebans Go to Ban List tab or type in this STEAM_1:0:51940884
  7. HellsBells

    It's a first for me

    Nice Photoshop
  8. HellsBells

    Ban Requests - Post Here

    I was on his team , didnt pay much attention during the coaster to his whereabout so didnt see if he actually was floating, but I do know he shares the account with his brother, and told me the VAC ban was his bro's. Btw he's not new, but never was a member, just many aliases. His original name was Yukio, the guy been here before me. Not only at late night but in nearly full member game as well. While I'm not capable of pinpointing hackers (not much of a gamer), I know plenty of senior members here could, and I never heard they even mention him as a hacker. Then again, this is only from my observation, he could be one, if all evidence is pointing toward it. Also today server had a lot of glitches randomly, players got teleported around, example was Pope teleport to outside the saferoom at beginning of Dead Center finale, Jerky during the Fairground map kept getting teleported back further, I could see silhouette of players where they not actually at. Not just from my point of view but also from other players. That might show its possibility of being a glitch.
  9. HellsBells

    Server Achievement Ideas

    Tank is the only SI which shooting the head doesn't do more damage than any other part of the body, cept may be the toes.
  10. HellsBells

    CUSTOM CAMPAIGN LIST [Updated 10/20/15]

    Yay I love that campaign, thanks Jackie.
  11. HellsBells


    We don't allow that kind of language on GC you Jerk
  12. HellsBells


    Keeping the 4 mains alive is the most challenging part of the game, though being able to warp to every survivor is a good idea.
  13. HellsBells

    Please ban this griefer

    I can tell you its not his first time trying to stack team (most recent time he got called out and left), also like to curse and if I remember right got kicked out by vote for griefing before he became a member.
  14. HellsBells

    Ban Request

    Bog3y - STEAM_1:0:29082311 : http://steamcommunity.com/id/saunatai/ Sorry Im Nub - STEAM_1:0:29403311 : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198019072350 You can find their ID by looking up their names in GC stat page : http://www.gamrs.co/l4d/stats/index.php
  15. HellsBells

    Multiple Admin In One Server

    ^ what Crasx said. Also that situation had happened to me a few times before on the coaster, using " !stuck" works, also I think one won't die if fall from that height since if i remember correctly I had tried to jump back up and fell down before.
  16. HellsBells

    General L4D2 Chat

    Where is me Peanut 8 ( ?
  17. HellsBells

    General L4D2 Chat

    Who said I'm female ? Rude
  18. HellsBells

    General L4D2 Chat

    ^ That's like destroy the usual gameplay that been on this server for years.
  19. HellsBells

    Ban this player

    You joined the game on 2nd map, immediately tried to changed to my team, and the first attempt was failed. 2nd attemp succeeded since another player joined make the switch possible. Jerky called u in voice chat and chat box many many times asking for a reason why and to go back, same with me and other members on the team. I didnt votekick you right away becus we were occupied with the crescendo event, and I wanted to see if you would go back, as the opposite team players kept leaving. I even see you check team using !teams a few times, so i thought you'd move back, but u didnt. The final warning was when the team was 9v6 favor of us, so I said this " May be Doge can go back ", which you didnt. So i put up the vote, and ONLY THEN did you reply to us, with a cursed word which was picked up by the server. Btw, the whole team agreed with my decision, there were 5 other members presented, Jerky, Johny, Giam Batista, Test character and Megahuddle, who all added in comment why the vote was put up, which was stacking. SO yes there was a reason why, I didnt call it out of no where. I wasn't gonna post this up, becus the kick is only equal to a 5 minutes ban, and you added me to your friendlist, so I waited to see if you gonna ask me why i did so, but you didnt and take it to the forum, so I shall do the same. The console didnt show your in-game name for some reason, but it showed you steam ID [sTEAM_1:1:53815579]
  20. HellsBells

    Ban request

    He switched over after our infected turn, making the team became 6v8 in favor of the opposite. I asked him in all chat 3 times to come back, to no answer. That was when I asked Peanut to come help kick but he was away.
  21. HellsBells

    ADMIN VS MEMBER NIGHT - Saturday 7/12 6pm est

    Should play that Zelda map that was once talked about on here.
  22. HellsBells

    Another ban request

    I know I'm sorry Major 8((( I only found out the thing about his name after >< Thanks for banning them
  23. HellsBells

    Another ban request

    I was there, and his friend was on my team - > http://steamcommunity.com/id/Momochi182 He tried to pulled the same thing in the latter games, kicked him twice keep coming back, even changed to my name at one point. Funny enough the song he was playing has the N word in it and he got auto kick by server for racism, that was cool
  24. HellsBells

    ADMIN VS MEMBER NIGHT - Saturday 7/12 6pm est

    No longer have to work on Saturday so I can join
  25. HellsBells

    a member stacking..

    I never refused to go back, I was defending myself by telling why that happened. I did not know which team i was on, but what you said to me last night was implicating that I DO KNOW and did leave and rejoin INTENTIONALLY. Also that game wasn't 10 minutes. It also took you until the end of map to bring that up, until you brought it up I had NO IDEA. How can I get you to understand that ? You did not call me a stacker, but it was well implicated by saying " "its called stacking and there was a issue on the fourms about this abuse" (exact quote) , then continue saying you will bring this to the forum. I want no drama (or this to happen) so I TRIED to make you understand the situation, IN GAME, but that didn't go that smoothly.