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L4D2 Saturday Night Customs & NEXT CONTEST!@!@!@!@!

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Johnny has real life obligations and so I'm going to be taking over Saturday Night Customs for a while. These will run roughly 7pm CST on Saturday and we'll try to do 2 maps but could just be one depending on what other admins can pitch in.   ALTERNATIVELY we can do maps like Cold Stream, Swamp Fever and throw in pathing/VIP as desired. So speak up on what you want to do! No VIP or pathing on customs! 


You can download or subscribe to the campaigns here: http://gamrs.co/forums/index.php?/topic/44980-custom-campaign-list-updated-102015/


#1. Urban Flight 
#2. Warcelona

#3. Dam it 2! The Director's Cut

#4. Diescraper Redux


Those are the ones we usually do.

Where? on Server #2. 

When? 7pm CST - ?


Also remember to vote for Johnny's best kill, voting closes at midnight Saturday. - http://gamrs.co/forums/index.php?/topic/46924-best-kill-on-johnny-wins-1-year-membership


NEW CONTEST: (super easy, lol)


Starting TODAY 8/10/17 til 9/2/17 after customs on ANY map at ANY time, just try and kill me (looneypumpkin) as survivor. Each kill will be tallied and person who gets the most survivor kills on me as infected will win a year credited to their membership or a new membership. I'll update this topic with current tallies and if I'm recording I'll try to post videos too. 



1. No kill stealing

2. You must get the admin kill achievement, so if commons kill me it won't count.

3. If I just join the server and die immediately due to joining during an incap from a bot or a non member it doesn't count. I need to have been moving and freshly incapped.

4. Previous winners aren't eligible for the prize, though I'll still keep count for bragging rights.

5. Death must occur before the chapter score shows (round ends.)


Hope to see everyone join in. I think?  :lol2:





Way - 1

moo - 1

Max - 1

Soosage - 1

Chompski - 2

House - 5 -- WINNER! ***

Atiloz - 1

Missing Sock - 1

Tainted - 2

Shepard - 1

Yortz - 10 *** most kills but wasn't eligible 

Synergy - 1

Tatsuyo Taicho - 4

Red Devil - 1

Shadow - 1

TR - 1

Winnie the Pooh - 1

Carlos - 1

Ramen Noodle - 1

Jerry ThatOneGuy - 1

Lilly Puff - 1

Reasons/Osiris - 2

El Principal - 1

Senior Chief - 1

George H.W. Bush - 1

ZTH - 1

Batman - 1

Ice & Fire - 1

Edited by looneypumpkin

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Trust me, you're gonna quickly be like "Why did I do this? I don't want to be the target anymore :("


See you soon Looney, watch the skies for the charger punching :D

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For next time, can we also include keeping count of killing the target as survivors instead of just the infected side? It can be like the Peanut competition last year where the server keeps score of how many kills a player has over that target for the month. I think its fast pace is more enjoyable than just keeping score of the infected side since it's slower and the scores would be lower. Maybe we can keep scores on both sides for next time?

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Since I already won a kill admin contest (tainted92 slayer :biglaugha: ), what happens if I get the most kills?



Added rule: previous contest winners aren't eligible for the prize, but I'll still count their kills (if they get one.) 


But you get the moral victory of knowing you won over whoever got runner up ;)

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