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WoW or EQ2


Will you be playing WoW or EQ2?  

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Then do not answer the poll.


I answered both since I know I will play both. WoW will be out in the 4th quarter but I do not expect EQ2 until next year since there is no way they will have all the bugs out by then. Although the EQ team is fond of releasing games with lots of bugs just to get the cashflow happening...

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I have a feeling if WoW is released before EQ2 which will pretty much happen, it will end up killing 40% of EQ2 profit for atleast 4 to 5 months.


I am going to buy whatever one comes out first and play it until i am bored with it then if i am still in the mood to play mmorpg i will play the other one.

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So I'm still trying to decide which to go for. EQII's graphics are much prettier than WoW graphics, though both look good. WoW sports PvP as an integral part of the storyline, whereas EQII is all PvE for now.


So really, I want to know from those who have played the beta and stress test, how good is WoW really? I know all MMORPGs are great fun for awhile. But really how good (and how fun) is it? Is it the same as any other MMORPG besides the Warcraft story to give it a distinct setting? The PvP is really the only thing that's keeping me from going all EQII right now.

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