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Who'd you like to see at FF07?


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Who would you like to see go to/at FF next year regardless if they went in the past, are coming next year, aren't coming, would never go, etc., etc., etc.


(This isn't meant to put anyone down or make anyone feel unwanted. Make a list of those who you'd picture spending the most time fragging, hanging out with, fighting, talking, arguing, playing games, congratulating, shaking hands, or whatever.)


Heres my list (in no particular order of favoritism):

-Everyone at xT










-Mooney (<3 ya man)


Personally, I'd like to actually meet everyone I have the slightest bit of relationship with in this community. Thats why it's my goal to attend FF next year.


Add on to your lists whenever.

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Gee, that's a tough question.


First everyone that I've met there over the past 2 years (in no particular order) along with those I've gotten to know from the forums, or games other than CSS:






Nick Soapdish





Ted Dancin


Acid Flux

Fatty (naturally)




Scuba Dan and Scuba Daughter


Samurai Nightling






Leaky (and all my other friends from my Guild Wars guild)


I know there are people I'm forgetting to mention, and I appologize for leaving anyone out.


It's such a great time. It's far more than a CSS get together. There's so many opportunities to get to know each other outside the game. If you haven't been to one, you really should try to get there next year. You won't regret it, that's for sure. :peace:

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I was hoping to meet congregration, and I hope that Longhair can make it next year because he's basically my brother. I also hope that we can talk DJ Premier into coming. And I'd like to get a chance to chat more with everyone who was there, it went so fast!

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There are tons... I'm sure I'd get along with everyone, but there are a few that really come to mind:


-the entire UT crew (Primus, Filter, Wentz, Lex, etc)

-the Guild Wars ppl (Wolfie, Witchie, Samurai, Tytan Dan, etc)









Ok, so that works out to be about 30 people. But it's both quantity AND quality. Well, except for that one... you know who you are.

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If DJ comes out I'm definately returning.


Biggest suprise for me was Mossad showing up.


Course I'm not around these parts often so I met people up there that I never played with online:) No regrets on that front either!!!

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Hmm Id like to meet Jackie Chan, Farmerisme, Kengar, Kruten, Yomamma and NOFX!! I wish i had never met Zester and Ebil, but that should be a different topic..


i wanna see batty


LOL Not much to see!! But Id like to meet you too, big strong man driving a Mustang.. :)

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I'll be there whether y'all want me to be or not.


Edit: Oops! I forgot I was on Mustard's comp. This is MCM.



oooh someone's introuble..na na na na nah na. (sorry i'm bored)



Umm FF07 i wanna meet the DLM guys. Been with this clan for just over 9 years. I'd also like to meet the oldschool community goers from Mmmm, DOH, Th3Fall3n, CsLs MwR (if there are any more MwR). That's my top list but i'd also like to meet the new people of this community.


I wanna meet everyone.

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