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samurai nightling

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So I was talking to a guy i work with the other night at dinner at the hospital, and we got into game conversation. I asked what games he used to play because he hasn't really played much now that he has a son. Anyway he said he used to play UT, TF2, and CS:S, so i was like hey im a CS:S guy myself! So he asked if i ever heard of the gamerscoaliton, and i literally LOLed. I was like no way, im a paying member. I asked what his game name was and it was Duma. He used to be in charge or some of the forums and servers. We talked for a bit about people we knew in GC, and I'm gonna try to get him to play a couple nights a week if possible. Also I plan to come to FF with a friend next summer and he said he might be interested in coming also. We both work the second shift and what are the odds of something like that happening? What a small and crazy world we live in! How many of you remember Duma?

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As far as I remember he was doing a law degree, and was a bit of a nut with a P90..





If I recall, he asked to be banned because some serious schoolwork was goin on. I didn't realize my banstick was so powerfulz...and big!

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haha yeah we talked about his p90. he said he thinks he could still mow anyone down with a p90. And yes he was working on a law degree and did pass the bar! but he's still working in the lab with me due to lack of jobs as an attorney right now. haha thats funny you guys remember his p90 because we talked about that. I'll tell him to get back in here when i see him next.

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Tell him Laz said Hiya, and I still say I taught him everything he knows about the p90

Sorry Laz... but you can't teach that. :)


It is a small world. I decided to swing by here to just to see who was still around. Thanks for the reminder samurai nightling...


I remember all of you as well. I've been gone for a while, for sure. I stopped playing the night before my little man was born. Then, I had my last bit of law school finals to attend to, and next there was the bar. That left me falling off the deep end of gaming world.


Now I am working two jobs - by day I am an attorney, and by night I continue to work at the lab. This too has taken away from the gaming. Perhaps one day I can return to yielding that p90 and making all of you take the brunt of my wrath. :)


But yeah.... totally sticking by here again. I think I am even still a mod. :)

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Maverick' date='21 September 2009 - 01:00 PM' timestamp='1253563233' post='474115']

I remember Duma and his p90...no one showed such skill with that stupid gun....hahaha....


Shaftiel's not going to be happy about your comment. You'll hurt his feelings. :biglaugha:

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