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Dream team


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my dream team pretty much consists of people who don't play l4d (anymore), or who only play when i'm sound asleep:


1. Nightling

2. ValenAlvern

3. Lousiest

4. LadyYuri

5. Master Talpa

6. Rumrunner (haven't seen him lately)

7. Amertrash

8. Stutters

9. Jackie

10. Flitterkill

11. ... (sure i'm forgetting some people)


Also any team i'm in should have Maestro and Lookbacon too. We're time-zone buddies. (Well Look isn't but he has the decency to come play at an appropriate time in the day)

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My dream team would be


1)MechanicaL(Greatest player to play on the GC server, doesn't play anymore)




5)Jerky Bacon







Some alternatives would be Baloosh, Lookback, and Jackiechan

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GC Coalition Member

General is very good, but I don't think he could play that well with two computers simultaneously.



you never know... i have sources that told me he play on two computers and an Xbox simultaneously. shhh

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So here's my team, and I know I left out A LOT of people, but this is the team I feel would be the best against any other team:


Sorry if I left you out guys, ten is a REALLY low number


1. Matt Kemp (Because every team needs a hero)

2. Meng (Someone to blame our failures on)

3.*sk (The Bait)

4. Nerdy (The Distraction)

5. LadyYuri (The Liability)

6. JackieChan (The admin that bans anyone beating us - and so he won't ban me)

7. CrunchyOrphan (The old-timer)

8. Paroxysm (So we have someone to jab at for funsies(other than Meng of course))

9. General (The one with bloodlust)

10. Sess1on (Just for the soundboard)

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