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Anyone interested in a GC Chess tournament?


Chess.com uses the popular and easy-to-understand Round-Robin format for chess tournaments. In round-robin tournaments each player plays every other player in two games (once as white, once as black).

Round-robin is very effective because each player plays every other player and then the winner is determined by the score. However, if there are a LOT of players, then round-robin tournaments can take a very long time.



Our settings:

Still trying to tweak/understand this. Everyone plays eachother twice so you will play 18 games... 2 at a time, timerules can either be 2/3 days per move



(who-chess.com name)

  1. crasx - tehcrasx
  2. Leone- Leonebluen
  3. Walkingcat - walkingcat
  4. MPG - maestropg
  5. Pronounce- echo_78
  6. Shaft- shafiel
  7. MasterTalpa - Talapia501st
  8. Biggs - BiggsChess
  9. Avengers - AvengersArmy
  10. hatter274-hatter274

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GC Alumni

sorry for the delay on this.


I found out we can use chess.com for a private tournament so make an account there. Problem is to make a tournament you need a paid account with lless than a 10% timeout ratio in the last 90 days. I timed out a game june 20th and my ratio is 33% (I've only played 3 games -_-).

So, I have the paid account, and i'm playing a few other games to lower that ratio... good news is I get to practice to bring my B game to the tournament :P


unfortunately everyone im playing right now is just trying to do that stupid knight/bishop c2 attack and its driving me crazy.


Feel free to challenge me: http://www.chess.com/members/view/tehcrasx

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